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Choosing the Best Sibling Name

Baby Names for Sisters and Brothers


Updated June 17, 2014

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Let me guess, you are having another child and are struggling to find a name that goes well with you older children's names? Many parents enjoy selecting a baby name that compliments the current names of the family, but may fall short in finding likeable baby name ideas. Here are some categories of sibling names that you can turn to for inspiration.

Family Names

Consider paying tribute to your family and select a name of a currently living relative or even an ancestor tucked way back in your family tree. Family names can speak of the you admiration for your heritage, acknowledge a special loved one, and/or can provide a special connection with your child to a specific relative. If you are not too keen on using a family name as a first name, consider using family names as middle names instead.

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Popular Baby Names

Today's most popular names are an interesting blend of eternal classics and modern contemporaries. Some parents enjoy choosing a name that is familiar to today's public - names that people know and won't find completely unusual.

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Incidentally, you might also want to consider what baby names are also popular names for dogs!

Period Baby Names

Contrasting to popular names, you might prefer to select names popular from a different time period. For example pull inspiration from popular names from the turn of the twentieth century and choose names like Mary, John, Helen, Henry, Anna, Charles, Margaret, or James. Or perhaps your more found of the 60's, why not consider Michael, Lisa, David, Susan, Robert, or Karen? Names popular during the same period of time can offer a unity in sound and sentiment.

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Choose Names Based on Meaning

For some families, far more important to how a name sounds is what the name actually means. You may want to spend time researching the meaning of names. Choose names for your babies that have important or significant meanings. However, be mindful that many of today's baby name books and online resources take liberties in "inventing" baby name meanings. A reliable resource for researching the history, etymology, and meaning of baby names is Behind the Name.

The Alliterative Sibling Name

Choosing a sibling name that begins with the same letter as current children has long been a popular method of selecting names. Take the Duggar family, as of this writing they are expecting their 20th child and every single one of their names begins with "J." Alliterative names tend to roll of the tongue in poetic fashion. Some parents even take alliterative names to the next level and name the child with the exact same first, middle, and last initials. You decide!

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Baby Names of Similar Sounds or Syllables

Some parents like names to have a sing-song nature that uses rhyming names or names with the same number of syllables. For example you could choose Madison, Carson, Allison, or Benson or Bailey, Kayley, Wesley or Emily. Names with the same number of syllables opens a very large range of possibilities as well.

Nickname Proof Baby Names

Perhaps you are a parent that just does not care for nicknames. You want your children to use the exact name you choose and find nicknames "cutesy" or unappealing. You can try to opt for names which appear to be nickname-proof (though I must say there tends to be no absolute guarantee with that). Names like Lee, Kate, Beth, Todd might be just what you are looking for.

Cultural or Religious Baby Names

Names that reflect your family's cultural or religious background can also provide a cohesive flow to the names you choose. Below is just a sampling of ideas of faith, cultural, or ethnic names from which you could choose.

Names of Celebrities or Celebrity Baby Names

One thing that seems to fascinate more than a few people are celebrity names. Do you have a few favorite actors, singers, authors, or sports heros? Or perhaps you are fascinated with war heros, presidents, or pioneers in a certain field. You can turn to their names as naming inspiration, or follow popular Hollywood baby names to choose the best monickers for your sibling sets.

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Baby Names of Similar Inspiration

Just Choose a Baby Name You Love

The alternative to picking out to complimentary baby names is to simply not worry about making the names "fit" and just choose a name that you love. Or, if you are feeling particularly brave, allow the siblings to offer some baby name suggestions of their own!

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