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Is Your Baby In Danger?

Car Seat Safety

Did you know that winter coats can impede on how well your baby is restrained in an accident? Follow these steps to make sure your baby is as safe (and warm) as possible.

Baby's First Year Spotlight10

Girls' Baby Names

Girls baby names grouped phonetically and by popularity.

Baby Names With Pronunciation

Baby names with pronunciation and popularity.

Saying Names Correctly and Name Popularity

Look at how saying names can affect how popular they may seem.

Names Phonetically With Popularity

List of names phonetically. Consider how popular names are based on similar pronunciation.

Phonetic Names and Popularity

Listing of phonetic names and how popular they are.

Baby Girl Names With Pronunciation

Take a look at baby girl names with pronunciation.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Names

Phonetic pronunciation of names along with their current popularity.

How To Say Names

Learn how to say names and consider how popular a name is based on its pronunciation.

Popular Names 2000 to 2009

A unique look at the most popular names 2000 to 2010. Names of similar pronunciation grouped together.

"Super Moms" and "Super Dads"

Recently, I've had an influx of emails from readers all caught up in comparing themselves to other parents. Parent who feel guilty. Ashamed. Frustrated. Mostly

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