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Understanding Your Options for Babies' Cribs


Updated February 28, 2011

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The Standard Crib
standard crib

The Storkcraft Sandra standard crib in black finish.


Generally, your standard crib is the most basic crib option on the market. What that means is it is a crib that fits the industry standard size mattress. More specifically, it often refers to cribs that have no other bells and whistles - it isn't a convertible crib, it doesn't have an attached changing table. Your standard crib is, well, just a crib. That being said, sometimes manufacturers do lump convertible cribs into that mix, but technically those aren't standard cribs.

Cost of Standard Cribs

More thanlikley, you'll find that your least expensive cribs are usually standard cribs, and you can find them for around $100. Here are just a two cost-effective examples:

Now that doesn't mean that all standard cribs are cheap. You certainly can find a broad range of standard cribs for a mid-price budget or even luxury cribs that can cost you more than $1000.

Why a Standard Crib?

Convertible cribs certainly have become popular, but not every parent is wooed by the transforming design that allows you to turn your crib into toddler beds, daybeds, benches, or double beds. Why not, you may ask?

Well, a couple of reasons actually. For one, parents who plan on having a second child may know that they are going to need the crib much sooner. Two, depending on the cost of the crib, the wood can get fairly dinged up from constant use (not to mention bite marks from teething toddlers). And three, some parents like the idea of having nursery furniture that is distinctly "for baby".

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