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The Congested Baby Nose

How to Clear Your Baby's Nose


Updated May 28, 2014

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It's certainly not uncommon for babies to have their little noses get congested from time to time. If you are finding that your baby needs a little help get her cute little baby nose clear, consider some of the following tips.

Fuzz and Dust Can Congest the Baby Nose

Because babies noses are so small, they also have very small nasal passages. It's one of the reasons you might notice newborns sneezing so often. It's their little bodies natural way of dealing clearing their nose.

Keeping that in mind, it can be helpful to make sure your baby's sleeping area is as dust-free, fuzz-free and pet hair-free as possible. While stuffed animals and cuddly toys are cute decorations in the nursery, they are also dust magnets. Be sure you keep them out of your baby's sleep environment, not only to assist with keeping congestion at baby, but also to create a safe sleeping environment.

Saline Nasal Drops Help Clear Congested Noses

Over-the-counter saline nasal drops can also be helpful at loosening the mucous-filled baby nose. What these drops do is loosen up snot and help your baby to sneeze blockages forward. You can then use a bulb syringe or nasal aspirator (Compare Prices) to suck out the sticky culprit and clear your baby's nose. However, don't be overly aggressive with the bulb syringe, it is possible to do more harm than good with aspirators.

Avoid Nasal Irritants

Another fairly simple thing that you can do is make sure your not subjecting your baby to nasal irritants, things in the environment that can block their nose. Some common nasal irritants you should avoid are:

  • Cigarette smoke
  • Perfumes or scented body lotions
  • Hair sprays
  • Paint/gasoline fumes
  • Aerosol sprays

As you keep these tips in mind, one final word to comfort you. Often your baby's stuffy nose actually bothers you more than it does your baby. Stuffy noses are very common, and often your baby can cope quite well on his own.

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