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Your baby's health and safety is an absolute priority. You'll find information regarding common health problems and concerns and practical advice to keep your baby safe in all situations. Topics include but are not limited to: common health problems, symptoms and solutions, car safety, baby proofing, outdoor safety, and health care practices.
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AAP Circumcision Policy
There has been a huge shift in the American Academy of Pediatrics position on infant circumcision. Find out what this change is and what caused the new policy of AAP cirumcision recommendations.

Normal Newborn Breathing Patterns
Newborns have distinct breathing patterns that may initially cause parents to be concerned. Find out what some normal newborn breathing patterns so that you know what to expect in the first weeks of your baby's life.

Common Newborn Concerns: The Choking Baby
In the first weeks, you may find that you have a constantly choking baby. Find out what causes newborns did choke and how you can help your choking baby.

Start Baby Food Too Soon, Potential Risks - Obesity Risk Related When Parents...
Start Baby Food Too Soon, Potential Risks - Obesity Risk Related When Parents Start Baby Food Early

Start Solids Too Soon - Your Thoughts on What It Means to Start Solids Early
Is it possible to start solids too early? What do you think about research on the timing of solids? It is hype or fact? Share your thoughts on what it means to start solids too soon.

Before You Buy a Child or Baby Life Jacket
Before you purchase a baby life jacket or a personal floatation device for a child, be sure to look for these features.

Choosing a Safe Baby Mobile
The baby mobile, often placed hanging above the crib, can be a wonderful element for the nursery - serving a practical and decorative purpose. However, be sure to consider safety precautions when using mobiles.

Baby Health and Development
Baby health and development is an important topic for parents and caregivers. Here you will find a tight network of articles that cover these concerns.

Acid Reflux
A description of what happens when a baby has acid reflux and a brief overview of possible GERD treatments.

Call Pediatrician for Help
Concerned that your baby is sick, but aren't sure it merits that you call the pediatrician? Use this reference list to know what to call the pediatrician.

Behavior Diary Helps Track Down the Cause of Colic in Babies
If you are floundering with the mystery of a colicky baby, a colic diary that keeps detailed information about fussy periods and potential causes might help you address your baby's needs. Diaries help you pinpoint causes of colic in babies.

Overview of Infant Colic
Wondering if your fussy baby has infant colic? Get an idea if your baby's fussiness is more than just crankiness, and learn about colic symptoms and colic treatments.

Is My Baby Spitting Up All the Time a Reason for Concern?
So you find your baby spitting up what seems to be too much. Before you head to your pediatricians for a diagnoses of reflux, realize that many babies spit up. Find out if your baby spitting up is a medical problem and ways to decrease the amount of spit up.

Summer Safety for Baby
Summertime ushers in many new opportunities for you and your baby, but with it comes a different set of safety precautions. Don’t let fear of injury keep you and your little one pent up indoors this season. Heeding the following safety tips will allow you to confidently enjoy summer outings together.

Croup Symptoms and Treatments - What You Need to Know About Croup
Croup is a common childhood illness that causes a croupy cough that sounds like a barking seal, stridor, and difficulty breathing.

Teething Basics - What to Expect When Babies Are Teething
Review classic teething symptoms and learn what you should do if you think your baby is teething.

Tips for Baby Proofing - How to Baby Proof Your Home
Baby proofing need not be a horrible process. Here are some tips to make baby proofing your home easier.

Are Drop Side Cribs Safe for Use?
Drop side cribs, a design where one or more crib rails slide up and down, have come under much scrutinity in recent months. Find out if the use of drop side cribs is illegal.

Drop Side Crib - What Will You Do With Your Drop Side Crib
After years of crib recalls resulting in the ban of over 9 million drop side crib products, the drop side crib will be banned. What will you do with your drop side crib?

Baby Smoke - Protecting Your Baby, Smoke and Irritants
Baby Smoke - Protecting Your Baby, Smoke and Irritants

Help! My Baby Is Spitting Up Blood!
If your baby is experiencing spitting up blood, there may be no need to panic. There are several simple explanations for spitting up blood. Learn when you don't need to worry and when you should call a doctor.

My Baby Sneezes All the Time!
Did you ever notice how often the newborn baby sneezes? It seems like a lot, but baby sneezes are not necessarily an indicator of a cold. Find out why.

What Are Common Sounds of a Newborn Breathing?
The sounds of your newborn breathing can be varied and sometimes unusual. Learn what patterns of newborn breathing you can differentiate by sound, so that you can be reassured of normal baby breathing patterns.

Baby Stool, Blood: When Should Parents Worry?
A concern with baby stool, blood appears in the diaper. Find out when to be concerned about blood in your baby's poop.

Choosing a Pediatrician - How to Pick a Doctor for Your Baby
When you were choosing a pediatrician, what did you consider?

When Can Babies Have Honey?
When can babies have honey? Read the guidelines for when babies can eat honey or products made from honey.

When Can Baby Eat Fish?
When is it safe for baby to eat fish? Feeding guidelines have changed. Find out when your baby can have fish, shellfish, or crustaceans.

Baby Bike Safety
Planning on taking your baby cycling with you? Find out the basics of baby bike trips, learn why finding baby helmets can be challenging, and other important bike safety tips.

Infant Circumcision - Opinions on Routinely Circumcizing Boys
Share your thoughts and opinions on routine cirumcision of infant boys.

How to Choose a Pediatrician
If you are wondering how to choose a pediatrician, you can use these interview questions to help determine if the doctor is the right physician for your baby.

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