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Physical Development During Baby's First Year


Updated June 30, 2014

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Baby Growth from 0 to 3 Months
Mother holding up baby girl (3-6 months) smiling.
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Those first three months of your baby's life will likely seem like a whirlwind. When you pause to look at how far your baby's physical development has come in that time, you'll likely notice these developmental markers in your overall baby growth:
  • Roughly a 30% increase in body weight and a 20% increase in length.
  • Though she cannot reach out and intentionally grasp a toy, she will become aware of her hands.
  • Ability to recognize her primary caregiver's scent.
  • Though she doesn't have any depth perception to judge how near or far objects are, she can see objects 8 to 15 inches away with clarity. (See Infant Activites for Visual Skills
  • Keen responses to touches and textures which she finds soothing.

Always remember to be cautious when comparing your baby's physical development to other children at any age. There is a wide range of "normal."

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