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As you baby grows, you'll want to stay abreast of his growth and development. Here you will find a great deal of information and resources to better understand your baby's developmental needs.
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When Can I Expect to Hear My Baby Talk?
When does baby talking begin? Find out what major milestones to expect in language development during baby's first year.

Physical Development During Baby's First Year
Milestones in physical development for babies in their first year. A breakdown of height and weight growth expectations, physical appearance, sensory development, and gross and fine motor skills for ages 0 to 3 months, 3 to 6 months, 6 to 9 months, and 9 to 12 months.

Phenomenal Baby Documentary, "Babies"
Focus Features is soon to release a baby documentary, "Babies," which charts the life of 4 babies from around the globe during their first year.

Newborn Physical Development What to Expect in Months 0 - 3
From birth to 3 months, your baby will demonstrate change in the areas of growth, physical appearance, motor skills, and sensory development. Physical development milestones outlined.

Physical Development - Physical Development of 3 to 6 Month Old Babies
Physical development milestone of 3 to 6 month old babies outlined. Information covered includes growth, gross motor, fine motor, physical appearance and sensory development.

Physical Development – What to Expect in Months 6-9
Your baby's physical development will continue to make great strides during months 6 through 9. Check out what to expect in the areas of growth, motor skill, and sensory development for this age.

Physical Development – What to Expect in Months 9-12
Learn the physical development benchmarks of 9 to 12 month old babies. Growth, gross motor, fine motor, physical appearance and sensory development detailed.

Infants' Vision Development - Top 5 Milestones in Babies' Vision
Infants are born with a complete visual system, but must learn how to see. A child's vision will develop throughout the first year of life.

Developmental Milestones the First Year - Photo Gallery of Development
A photo gallery of the common developmental milestones that parents look for their growing infants to reach.

When Can Baby Sit Up in a High Chair?
When can baby sit up in a high chair? Is there a "too soon"?

When Can My Baby Move to a Booster Seat?
When will your baby ready to move from the high chair to a booster seat? What points in physical development should she show?

Baby Roll Over - When Did Your Baby Roll Over
Baby Roll Over - When Did Your Baby Roll Over

Tummy Time Basics: What, Why, When and How
Tummy time is critical to the physical development of babies. Find out what it is all about, why it is important, and how you can play with your baby.

My Baby Sneezes All the Time!
Did you ever notice how often the newborn baby sneezes? It seems like a lot, but baby sneezes are not necessarily an indicator of a cold. Find out why.

Tummy Time Tips - How to Get Baby to Play on Her Belly
Tummy time is an important period of play for babies. Learn tips from other parents on how they got their baby to enjoy tummy time or share your own advice.

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