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Playing With Baby: Shadow Games

7 to 9 Month Old Actvity Ideas


Updated July 21, 2010

Playing With Baby

Playing With Baby and Shadows

Christian Carolla

As your baby's vision develops, around 7 to 9 months old you will notice he has begun to discover shadows. You can use his new-found interest to help his visual tracking skills further develop. Here's how.

Using Shadows as a Way To Play With Baby

  • Begin by positioning yourselves between a light source (either the sun or a lamp) and a wall.
  • Show your baby his shadow as well as your own.
  • Use movement or hold up objects to demonstrate to your baby that as people move, so do their shadows.
  • Make shadow puppets with your hands.
  • As you play outside or take walks, point out the shadows that you can see (trees, cars, stroller, etc).

Shadow Puppet Resources

In addition to the above link, there are several print books available that might be helpful in teaching you how to make shadow puppets. Here are a few recommendations:

Fun With Hand Shadows by Sati Achath and Bala Chandran (Compare Prices

The Art of Hand Shadows Albert Almoznino (Compare Prices

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