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Tips for Making Cute Baby Halloween Costumes

Easy Ways to Celebrate Baby's First Halloween in Style


Updated August 01, 2011

cute baby Halloween costumes

With so many options for cute baby Halloween costumes, it's hard to choose just one outfit for your child!

Dana Hinders

Even though your baby is too little to enjoy a bucket of Halloween candy, there's no reason for him to miss out on celebrating this fun holiday. With the right costume, your baby will be ready to pose for a cute Halloween portrait or tag along with older siblings who are going trick-or-treating.

General Tips for Baby's First Halloween

The Internet has made it easier than ever to come up with ideas for cute baby Halloween costumes. Before you start your search for baby's first Halloween costume, however, it's a good idea to review a few general tips for keeping your child happy and safe during this special holiday.

  • Itchy fabrics make for cranky children. The best baby costumes for Halloween are made from soft cotton. Fleece and velour are also good choices, however.
  • Many babies dislike masks, so it's best to choose a costume that doesn't require this option. Costumes that cover the face can also impair visibility and create a safety hazard for a child who is just learning how to walk.
  • Costumes should not contain long strings, buttons, or any other choking hazards. If your baby is old enough to be walking, it's also a good idea to attach some reflective tape to her costume.

Simple Baby Halloween Outfits

If you're on a tight budget, one way to create cute baby Halloween costumes is to simply combine items from baby's wardrobe in a unique way. For example, denim overalls, a plaid shirt, a straw hat, and a toy pig or cow to use as a prop can be used to make a cute farmer costume for your baby. A little girl can wear her favorite sparkly dress and carry a magic wand you've made from a dowel and some glittery paper to become a princess. Sports team onesies can also be repurposed as easy Halloween costumes if you add a plush football or baseball for baby to hold.

Easy No-Sew Ideas for Baby's First Halloween Costume

When you can't sew, the idea of making baby's first Halloween costume often seems really intimidating. However, there are plenty of ideas available for cute no-sew Halloween costumes. For example, your baby can be a butterfly if you draw wings on a large piece of cardboard, glue strips of wide ribbon onto the wings to create arm loops, and slip the wings on after dressing your baby in a green onesie. If you stuff several adult size black knee socks with fiberfill and duct tape them to the back of a black onesie, your baby can be the cutest spider you've ever seen. For more easy Halloween costume ideas, check out the no-sew costumes gallery at About Family Crafts.

Decorating Baby's First Halloween Onesie

Making a Halloween themed onesie can be a good alternative to a traditional Halloween costume, especially if your baby will be very young for his first Halloween. You can use iron-on transfer paper and computer clip art to decorate the garment. Images of pumpkins, ghosts, bats, witches, skeletons, candy corn, or cute monsters would all be good choices for this type of baby Halloween costume. If you wish, you can add a slogan like "Mommy's Little Pumpkin" or "Too Cute to Spook" to the front of the onesie.

Documenting the Occasion

Regardless of what outfit you select for baby's first Halloween costume, remember to snap pictures right away. If you wait too long to pull out your camera, you risk baby having a leaky diaper, spitting up, or getting fussy from all the excitement.

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