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Updated September 29, 2011

I totally understand why pocket cloth diapers are often the preferred style for cloth diapering parents. Next to All-In-Ones, they are the closest you can get to a disposable diaper. Because of their popularity, you'll find that there are dozens of brands- some mass-marketed others made by work-at-home moms.  Sifting through which one is the best style can be a little tricky. To make it easier, I've put together this list of my favorite pocket-style cloth diapers.

1. bumGenius!™ One-Size Pocket Diaper

As silly as the name sounds, bumGenius! has had one serious effect on the cloth diaper business. The claim to fame for these diapers was that they were essentially the first pocket diaper design meant to take you from itty-bitty baby stage through toddler. No need to buy several diapers as your baby grows, just one diaper can potentially get you through potty training. The bumGenius! line through Cottonbabies is a very well-known name, and many parents have given it strong reviews since its appearance on the market in 2005.

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2. Bummis Easyfit by TotsBots

Bummis Easyfit by Totsbots also offer an innovative design that perks the curiousity of many a parent. Easy Fits have the insert built right into the diaper, allowing you to double up material and customize absorbancy for boys or girls. Like the bumGenius! diapers, they are one-size diapers but have the added bonus of coming in solids and prints. I love the fact that you don't have to sift through the laundry to match up the right insert for the right cover. I love how it reduces drying time over All-In-Ones. This diaper continues to be well-reviewed by users and is definitely worth your consideration.

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3. Preston's Pants Pocket

Now unlike the above 2 diapers, Preston's Pants isn't made corporately, but rather they are from a work-at-home mom. She boasts less than a 1% return on her diapers and offers custom-made diapers. Select your outer fabric and choice of soaker material. While you are at it, why not kick in some custom embroidery? Not only are they cute as heck, parents time and time again review this diapers as being top-quality and made to withstand all the abuses your baby can reak upon it.

4. Tiny Tush Elite One-Size Pocket Diaper

The Tiny Tush company was the first place I ever put an order in for cloth diapers. While I didn't order the Elite, I can definitely speak for great customer service and well made products on my fitted diaper purchase. It doesn't surpise me that these diapers also seem to be a favorite pick for pocket diapers. The Tiny Tush actually has 4 adjustment height snaps to customize the rise, making it even easier to get just the right fit for your baby.

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5. Rainshine Designs Pocket Diaper

Rainshine Designs does make one-size diapers like the others, but their size diapers are also noteworthy. This is another work-from-home mom company, and buyers are quick to note how quick orders are processed. She typically has a great selection of prints and solid fabrics. You might appreciate the friendly, personal service of Rainshine Designs.

6. FuzziBunz® Perfect Size Diapers

Fuzzibunz is another big name in the cloth diapering world.  These are also sized diapers which are available in four sizes. Though that means you will need to buy multiple diapers as your baby grows there are a several advantages to the Fuzzibunz diaper system.

  • No need to double up fabric to fit, so there is less bulk.
  • One-sized diapers get beat up since they are used so long. If you plan on diapering multiple children, these diapers are more likely to last.
  • No fuss adjustments mean quicker diaper changes.
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7. Thirsties® Duo Diaper

Thirsties is in the middle of sized diapers and one-sized diapers. It does have a customizable rise, but not as many as say a bumGenius! pocket diaper. Thirsties Duo's come in 2 sizes, 6 - 18 lbs, and 18-40 lbs). You'll likely find that the smallest setting will fit better on your little babies then other diapers and the large will accommodate a slightly heavier baby than comparable one-sized systems.

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