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Alphabet Birthday Party Tips

Throw an ABC Party for Baby's First Birthday


Updated June 28, 2014

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An alphabet birthday party makes for a memorable first birthday celebration. The ABC theme is fun, educational, and easily adapted to suit any parent's party planning budget.

Party Invitations

Make your own ABC party invites with alphabet block clip art or rubber stamps. Choose bright primary colors to echo the whimsical party theme. If you'd like to get a little more creative with your invitations, consider making party invites using the free printable bag topper on the A Subtle Revelry website and alphabet magnets that spell the word "PARTY." Another cute party invitation idea would be to create photo postcards using a picture of your baby playing with alphabet blocks or large wooden ABC letters.

Decorating for an Alphabet Birthday Party

Decorations for an alphabet birthday party are easy to put together using items you probably already have on hand. You can decorate plain balloons by adding an array of colorful alphabet stickers. Use stencils to create large letter cutouts to scatter across the room. Set out various ABC books for young guests to flip through. If your child has a set of wooden alphabet blocks, use these letters to spell out a fun message for the table centerpiece.

If you're interested in purchasing items with an ABC theme, you may have better luck shopping at a teacher supply store such as Lakeshore Learning instead of party supply store such as Party City. Stores that cater to elementary school teachers will have ABC posters, banners, charts, and puzzles, as well as small items like crayons and shaped erasers you can use for party favors.

ABC Birthday Party Cake and Food Ideas

One good thing about an ABC birthday party theme is that you don't need to be a master cake decorator to create a memorable birthday cake for your baby. Here are a few simple ideas to try:

  • Use an alphabet cake pan (compare prices) to make a cake using your child's initial. While the cake pan itself may seem rather expensive, keep in mind that you can use it to spell out any word or number combination imaginable. This means you'll be able to create custom birthday cakes for years to come.
  • Use small alphabet blocks to spell out your child's name on top of a plain sheet cake.
  • Decorate a tower of cupcakes with ABC cupcake picks.

If you're planning on serving more than cake and ice cream at your party, try to incorporate an ABC themed snack or two into the meal. For example, homemade macaroni and cheese made with ABC pasta (compare prices) is sure to be a hit with your young guests. Some stores may also carry various brands of alphabet fruit snacks, pretzels, or crackers.

ABC Party Activities

Any alphabet themed book or DVD would be appropriate entertainment for this type of first birthday celebration. If you'd like to have a craft project, let guests use cookie cutters to make ABC shapes from Play-Doh and take pictures of the creations when you are finished.

Alphabet Party Favors

Goodie bags provide young party guests with a small souvenir to thank them for helping to celebrate your baby's first birthday. Possible party favors for an alphabet party might include an ABC board book, a sheet of alphabet stickers, or alphabet magnets for the refrigerator.

Other First Birthday Party Ideas

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