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Scrapbooking Baby Haircut Pictures

Ideas for a Cute Baby Scrapbook Layout


Updated April 06, 2011

baby haircut pictures

Scrapbooking baby haircut pictures provides a chance to reflect on how much your child has grown during his first year.

Dana Hinders

After his first haircut, your child will look more like an active toddler than the sweet little infant you brought home from the hospital. You won't want to forget this moment, so plan on taking plenty of baby haircut pictures to create a first haircut scrapbook page.

An Important Milestone

It's hard to pinpoint an exact age when a baby needs his first haircut. Some babies are born with a full head of hair, while others spend their first year with just a few wispy curls. Around their first birthday, however, many babies will start to look as if they could use a trim.

Since you're probably going to need to hold your baby while he's getting his hair cut, plan on bringing another adult along if you want to get pictures of the process. Your photographer will need to work fast, however. Most babies find the experience of their first haircut to be rather unpleasant, so stylists try to cut as quickly as possible.

Many people attempt to prepare their children for a haircut by setting up a pretend hair salon at home. In order to give yourself as many scrapbooking options as possible, you may want to try snapping pictures of this practice session.

Title Ideas for Scrapbooking Baby Haircut Pictures

Some of the many possible page title ideas for a first haircut baby scrapbook layout include:

  • A New Look
  • Time for a Trim
  • Cutting off the Curls
  • Great Do, Dude!
  • Locks of Love
  • Lots of Locks
  • A Hairy Situation
  • Snip, Snip

Embellishing Your Baby Scrapbook Layout

You can often find first haircut stickers or rub-ons at larger craft stores such as Hobby Lobby. There are also general beauty parlor or glamour girl themed items that would be cute additions to a page about your daughter's first haircut.

If you're planning to make a digital scrapbook layout, Christine Smith Digital Designs has a "Baby's First Haircut" kit that comes in both boy and girl versions.

Memorabilia Pockets for a First Haircut Scrapbook Page

It is common for parents to want to save a lock of a hair as memorabilia. There are vellum envelopes sold for this purpose that you can simply attach to your scrapbook page. If you can't find a vellum envelope, you can make your own memorabilia pocket by gluing an old greeting card envelope to your baby scrapbook layout.

Larger salons often have special certificates, ribbons, or small mementoes that are given to children after their first haircut. You can scan or photocopy these items to include them on your scrapbook layout.

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