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Readers Respond: Top New Mom Gifts

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Updated October 11, 2009

Did you receive a new-mom gift that wowed you? Or perhaps you pampered a new mom in a way that left her gushing? Toss out your ideas for the perfect gifts for new moms.

Help from family

The absolute best "gift" I received was help from family members. My mom flew in and stayed with us and took care of laundry, cooking, cleaning, feeding the animals, and taking my son to school and helping with his homework. She would also take the baby after every feed and rock her or hold her so I could get more sleep. That was incredible!! My husband was great about making sure I was taken care of. He did sweet little things like rubbing my sore back or playing with my hair when I wanted him close to me. For me, those gestures from family mean more than any store bought gift.
—Guest Dawn

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