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Readers Respond: Soothing Infant Colic

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Updated August 03, 2011

From the article: Overview of Infant Colic
If you went down that all-too-familiar road of dealing with colic, what did you find helped soothe your baby? Specifically think about safe soothing techniques that a distressed parent could implement immediately (like using a swing) to help calm their colicky baby and their own nerves.

Camomile, Dill & Fennel Tea

I have 2 babies. For the 2nd with worse colic I made a tea with Camomile (tea bag) Dill & Fennel (seeds). I drank a litre through the day. But when baby was extreemely fussy (6pm, midnight & 4 am) I would offer her 3 teaspoonfuls of the warm tea. She would have a p rather nosiy poo (gass being expelled) almost immediatley. She would also sleep contently for another 2.5 hours. Bliss! Tea would be alternate days for baby. About 10mls 3 times a day form 4 weeks old. Other days when I didn't give tea I would place baby to sleep on her tummt with a small towel rolled and stretched under her tummy. She'd still writhe for a bit but in less than 10 mins she'd sleep. I always stay close by anytime I place her on her tummy. Letting her sleep on my chest also helps.
—Guest Mama K

Wrap your baby

Someone mentioned a sling, and I have something similar, but it is just a baby wrap carrier. It is a godsend! Whenever my son gets colicky we put him in there and within five minutes he is calm. Of course we still have to take him out to change his diaper and feed him, but I spend the majority of my waking hours carrying carrying him in me in the wrap. Also, it is still easy for me to do things because both my hands are free. I dread the times we have to take him out, sometimes the screaming starts immediately. But sometimes he gets into a deep sleep and we have some calm time.
—Guest Rachel


My first son was very colicky as a baby. I did not live near family or friends, and my husband worked 16 hour shifts. Every one says it is not your fault, you are a good mother, and this only lasts 3 months. Little comfort, I know. Putting your baby down in their crib and walking away for a little while is not only okay, it is what you need to do. THEY WILL BE FINE! I would also run a warm bath and sit in it while I floated my son on his back in the water. It helped calm him and me, and at least I felt better having had a bath. If you feel alone, and like you are a terrible mother because you can't "help" your baby, know that you are not, that lots of us go through this, and it is extremely hard. Just know that you are not alone and reach out to others who can help, even if it is to just listen while you cry.
—Guest Robin

Baby Cholic

Many readers of this article have given a lot of information on how to treat a Colicky baby and I would like to add my own therapy using a Homeopathic remedy which has given many mothers the sleep that they were craving for some weeks after their babies threw up almost every feed of breast milk. These mothers had consulted many pediatricians who prescribed the standard PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor) drugs for their babies which were effective for a few days but left the poor baby in a far worse state of acute pain which then made the pediatrician to increase the dosage of these drugs which have been found to be dangerous in use even for adults. The result was that the baby continued to spit out the milk and the parents suffered through lack of sleep both for the baby and themselves. A few fortunate mothers did a search on the Internet for Baby Gerd and discovered my therapy which I have shared on my website: www.joedelivera.com. I shall copy a few cases that I have treated below: I
—Guest Joe De Livera

Real cure 100% successful for Colic

I've had the privilege of working with Doc Scharenberg and first hand watching the amazing results as babies get over their colic in record time. Video Testimonial If you are in the Wichita, Ks area, make sure and ask Doc Scharenberg if he can help.
—Guest stnick007

Doc Scharenberg

My daughter had colic when she was born, and a few of my husbands friends told us about Doc Scharenberg, who is a chiropractor in Wichita. I was hesitant to take my 3 week old baby to a chiropractor, but what a life saver he turned out to be. He never once adjusted our daughter, he uses a massage technique to help build up an under developed valve. By 5 1/2 weeks old our daughter was colic free. Don't ever believe anyone who says colic can not be cured.
—Guest Jennifer

The only thing that worked for us

With our newborn the only thing that we found worked was the following: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6L8FEmL6Eg
—Guest Tom

Help for a colicky baby

I had the hardest time getting my baby to fall asleep. He was extremely fussy, and my pediatrician also diagnosed him as being colicky. I would rock him, put him in a swing, put his carrier on top of a dryer, and nothing seemed to work. I also have a two year old so driving him around in the car was not very convenient, especially if it interfered with the toddler’s nap schedule. Then a friend of mine recommended the Baby Roll Asleep. At first I was skeptical because it looked very much like a low stroller to me, and putting him the stroller didn’t work. But I was desperate so I ordered one. Much to my surprise, as soon as I put him in the Baby Roll Asleep, he quieted down and fell asleep very quickly. It seems that by having the baby low to the ground, the vibration from the wheels creates a soothing effect. I highly recommend this product for all moms (and dads) who have fussy colicky babies.

Fennel Tea

I found that herbal fennel tea really helped me. It is a natural herb that helps with many things and the one is especially is for digestive system. Now you do not give this to your baby. And this will only help those who are breastfeeding, It is recommended that you drink 3 teas per day, I used to make one with breakfast then one for lunch and then one right before supper. This has helped me a lot with my daughter and it will also make you feel better. I also would play soothing music at night to help her sleep.
—Guest Krissy

soothing colics

The only thing I have found really works for us is offering my baby my breast... it's the only thing that really calms her. But her colics don't last too long thankfully because I hate watching her in pain.
—Guest Konstantina

Colic Crazy!

My little one is a month old and has really bad colic at the moment. The best thing that works for us is when her dad holds her on one arm stomach down. Her little legs and arms cling on round his arm, but she calms right down and just looks around in amazement... sadly i cant hold her like this, so when daddy is at work or away we have to settle for the jigging and the walking and the shushing... should go in 2 months though right?
—Guest Mayzies-mummy


When my 2 week old son screams i hold him tight againt my chest with his legs pulled up, and walk up and down. Its sooths him instantly !!!
—Guest michelle

Colic help

PROBIOTICS! PROBIOTICS! PROBIOTICS! AND NO DAIRY! At 2.5 weeks of age my son started becoming a "colicky" baby. Every night at 9pm on the dot he would start hysterically crying so I knew something was wrong. I tried everything from gripe water to massage... I then cut out all dairy and got him on probiotics. You can get them at any health food store - just make sure you get the powder form that is formulated for infants and children. I would rub a little olive oil on my nipple and then put the powder on there before nursing him every night. It worked like a miracle! I think diary is hard for some babies to digest when they are really young and then the probiotics helps the digestive system function properly. IT REALLY, REALLY, REALLY WORKS!!
—Guest Lana

crying baby

Every parent should have this knowledge, get the tools and techniques to calm your baby with nurturing touch and movement from a gifted child development specialist Tim Healey. Check it out on hushlittlebabydvd.com. You can watch a 5 minute clip. I give it to everyone I know having a baby.

Some Have the Touch

I had experience with colic many years ago, but I don't think much has changed. I think some people are gifted in calming colicky babies, and some are not. I was always good at it. I did lots of walking and gentle bouncing and quiet humming/singing. My husband was no good at it, but my father was the best, so it's not a gender thing!

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