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Readers Respond: Ways to Handle Opinions on Alcohol and Breastfeeding

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Updated September 14, 2011

From the article: Alcohol and Breastfeeding
Have you been in the situation where some disagreed with how you approached drinking wine, cocktails, or beer and breastfeeding? How did you handle pressure from others or a difference of opinion? What do you when someone judges your parenting?

Jacquie, not much of a reader

Did you not understand the entire point of the article? It's about having a couple drinks responsibly, a d basically doing exactly what you said, but without being a holier than thou judgmental piece of crap about it. Get over yourself.
—Guest Alan

nice article

Thanks for the article. Many moms have this concern and it is important to be informed. I donate my extra breast milk to a breast milk bank that is specifically for premature babies. I have to follow strict guidelines if I want to donate amoung those rules are that I CAN drink but it must be limited to only 2 units of alcohol per day (2 shots, 2 4oz glasses of wine, etc). If I can have 2 drinks a day, which I don't, then it is definitely okay for the occasional cocktail especially if it is all out your system by the morning. Enjoy!
—Guest Mom who donates


This article is really helpful for me . I didn't know about the fact . I have a baby girl , age 1 1/2 months . Occasionally I like to drink . Mainly weekends . Now i will follow the rules . Thank you .
—Guest Chaitali

It's horrible

I think that it is horrible that a mother cannot control herself enough that she has to put alcohol in her young baby's body. I don't care how much it is, I do not want my baby being introduced to alcohol. I can wait: what is the big deal to go several more months without or atleast pump enough that you can let your system clean out a little. My goodness!
—Guest Jacquie


I wanted to breastfeed my boys for a long time, but I don't think you can do it well if you feel like you're in prison. I did real research and talked to my doctor to get the facts about what was really off limits and what was ok. I didn't drink at all during pregnancy once I found out. So, could I have gone another 14 or so months without a drink? Yes. But I find it pleasurable to sit with my husband on a Friday night and have a glass of wine. Those are our "date nights." I chose not to do it within the first 2 months of birth b/c the baby eats so often and is just so tiny. But after that, a nice Malbec while we take in a netflix show lets us all relax and bond.
—Guest Gail

Thank you

Cheers to you for your no-nonsense facts on alcohol and breastfeeding. People, THIS is the article you should trust regarding the subject. I read a lot about this subject while pregnant, and all the reputable books written by doctors that I read concur with this article on this subject.
—Guest Jenny

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