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Readers Respond: Celebrity Gossip: Due Dates, Pregnancy and Births

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Updated December 18, 2010

From the article: Celebrity Due Dates
Do you keep on top of all the Hollywood news? Share your celebrity baby updates and baby gossip with us? What celebrity gossip can you share regarding babies? Do you know of a star who announced a pregnancy, due date or birth? Share your secrets here.

Mariah Carey

Most people believed she would not deliver until mid-May, which was her original due date, but she already had her twins in late April, on the very last day (which also happens to be both she and Nick's third wedding anniversary). Probably, the same thing will happen to a lot of other pregnant celebs.
—Guest Esther

Jennie Finch

Just a correction for Ms. finsh - She played softball (pitcher) not soccer.
—Guest Sunshine

Alyssa Milano Due in Fall 2011

I saw a picture of her at about 3 months and she looks pretty big. I was born in the same hospital as the actress a day apart so I feel kind of a connection and wish her luck.
—Guest Jenna

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