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Low-Carb Snacks

Baby's First Year: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Most Common Names for Boys
Many lists of most common names really don't give an accurate picture of the most popular baby names because they do not group names that are pronounced the same but spelled differently the same. Check out this list of names by popularity of pronunciation to learn how common a name really is, regardless of how it is spelled.
Short and Sweet: One Syllable Names for Your...
Short and sweet, one-syllable names can provide just the right meaning for your baby girl's name.
Popular Baby Names for Girls
Many popular baby name lists do not group together names that are pronounced the same but spelled differently. Check out these popular baby names which give a more accurate picture of name popularity.
Great Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Baby
If you have a baby, you may be puzzling over which Valentine's Day gifts are the best for your little one. Here are several ideas on how you can celebrate baby's first Valentine's Day. these are wonderful suggestions for Valentine's Day gifts for your baby.
Could Your Car Seat Be Expired?
Is car seat expiration just a marketing ploy? Nope. Here's why, and how to tell if your car seat is up to par with the latest safety standards.
How to Pick A Two-Syllable Baby Girl Name
The meaning and history behind popular and classic two-syllable girls' names for parents seeking names for a baby daughter.
4 Tips to Finding Baby Modeling Jobs for Your...
Parents of cute kids often wonder how to find baby modeling jobs. Learning how to become a baby model isn't easy, but modeling can be a fun activity if it's approached with the right mindset.
Gifts From Baby to Mom
Ideas for gifts from baby to Mom, Dad and siblings for Valentine's Day.
Choose the Perfect Two-Syllable Baby Boy Name
Two-syllable boys' names like Noah, Ethan and Jacob have topped the charts in recent years. Have a look at our other suggestions for your baby's name.
7 Tips For Safe Sleep Habits
Rest easy by creating safe sleep habits early on with your little one.
6 Tips For Weaning Your Breastfed Baby
Is it time to wean your breastfed baby? Get some tips on how to start weaning!
Popular Dog Names: Check This List Before...
Ever have the embarrassing moment when you find out that your dog's name is the name of someone's baby? Check out this list of most popular names for dogs that are also common baby names, too.
Ten One-Syllable Names for Baby Boys
Here's a list of classic and modern one-syllable names you might consider for your baby boy.
Why Do Newborn Babies Choke?
In the first weeks, you may find that you have a constantly choking baby. Find out what causes newborns did choke and how you can help your choking baby.
Why Letting Others Kiss Your Baby Isn't a Great...
Great Aunt Shirley wants to kiss your baby? You may want to say no.
Help! My Baby Is Always Hungry!
Does it feel like your baby is always hungry? Find out how to read baby hunger cues, what are normal feeding patterns, and how to properly manage your baby's hungry nature.
Why Looking at Your Phone May Hurt Your Baby
A new study says interruptions from our phones is hurting our babies. But is it realistic?
A Standard Mattress Size for Cribs: Does it...
Shopping for the right crib mattress for your newborn can be confusing. Here's why, and what you need to know about size, length, depth and more.
Find the perfect three-syllable name for your...
Three-syllable boys' names have a commanding, noble sound to them. Here are a few classic and contemporary names that have stood the test of time.
Three Syllable Baby Girls' Names
Looking for a three-syllable name for your baby girl? Here's a list of the top three-syllable names with some new and some classic varieties.
How Many Wet Diapers Should Your Baby Have Each...
Your baby should have a certain number of soiled diapers each day. Learn how to tell how many wet diapers your baby should have each day based on his or her age.
What You Should Do If Your Baby Is Spitting Up...
If your baby is experiencing spitting up blood, there may be no need to panic. There are several simple explanations for spitting up blood. Learn when you don't need to worry and when you should call a doctor.
Are You Underfeeding or Overfeeding Your Newborn?
Wondering if you're overfeeding or underfeeding your newborn? These guidelines can help take the guessing game out of feeding your little one.
When to Expect Your Baby to Sit Up in a High...
What age can baby sit up in a high chair, and what things should parents do to prepare?
How to Make a Baby Shower Diaper Cake
Diaper cakes as baby shower centerpieces are a cute way to give parents-to-be a much-needed staple of baby's first year. And they're not hard to make. Here's an easy step-by-step guide.
Is Your Newborn Breathing Properly? What to...
The sounds of your newborn breathing can be varied and sometimes unusual. Learn what patterns of newborn breathing you can differentiate by sound, so that you can be reassured of normal baby breathing patterns.
Myths About Alcohol and Breastfeeding
When it comes to alcohol and breastfeeding, there are several inaccurate myths circulating among nursing mothers. Learn the facts if you plan on drinking alcohol and breastfeeding.
Four Syllable Boy Names
If you are looking for the perfect longer boy name, this list will surely help you find it. Four syllable boy names listed alphabetically and by popularity. Includes five and six syllable names with links to girls' names and shorter names as well.
See How Babies Grow and Develop During Their...
Wondering how you can expect your baby to grow in his or her first year? Here are some fast facts on developmental milestones for newborns and babies.
How to Prevent and Treat Ingrown Toenails
Baby toenails can grow exceptionally fast. Find out how to care for baby's toes, treat and prevent ingrown toenails, and care for your baby's piggy toes.
Four Syllable Names for Girls
If you are looking for girls' names that are the longer side, look no further. Over 50 four syllable names (and five syllable too). Listed alphabetically and by popularity. Links to boys' names and shorter names as well.
Best Middle Names
Need help picking a middle name for baby? Check out these suggestions for choosing the best middle names. Name ideas and tips on choosing a middle name.
Should You Give Your Baby Probiotics?
The surprising health benefits of giving probiotics to your baby.
Names With Two Syllables
Trying to find a name that isn't too short or not too long? Here is a comprehensive list of names with two syllables.
Is It Normal for Your Baby to Sneeze Often?
Did you ever notice how often the newborn baby sneezes? It seems like a lot, but baby sneezes are not necessarily an indicator of a cold. Find out why.
Is It Safe for Your Baby to Eat Yogurt?
Yogurt can be a favorite food for babies, but depending on to whom you talk, your likely to get a different answer on when you can start feeding your baby yogurt. Is it 6 months, 9 months, after a year? If you are wondering when can babies eat yogurt, find out the reasoning behind each suggestion.
Why There's Blood in Your Baby's Poop
A concern with baby stool, blood appears in the diaper. Find out when to be concerned about blood in your baby's poop.
How Will Drinking Lots of Water Impact Your...
You may have heard that nursing moms need to drink lots and lots of water, but do will guzzling water help mothers' breast milk supply?
When Is It Safe for Babies to Eat Honey?
When can babies have honey? Read the guidelines for when babies can eat honey or products made from honey.
New Study Gives Another Great Reason to Snuggle...
A new study says it's important to hold your baby close, so bring on the snuggles.
Pump and Dump: Myth or Must-Do?
It's not necessary to pump and dump after a glass of wine. Time is all you need for your body to naturally rid alcohol from your breastmilk.
What do with hemorrhoids after baby.
Find out what causes hemorrhoids during pregnancy and how to treat hemorrhoids after birth.
Win Cash and Other Prizes for Showing Off Your...
Entering cute baby photo contests is a fun way for new parents to enjoy showing off their favorite baby pictures. Contests come with a chance to earn everything from cash prizes to the opportunity for your baby to meet with a talent scout or modeling agent.
Two Syllable Names
Over 900 two syllable names. Great reference for both girl and boy baby names with resources for other lengths of names as well.
How to Handle Your Baby's Growth Spurt
What is a baby growth spurt? When do they happen? What are the signs? How do I deal with non-stop feedings? Find out these answers and more.
Do you know the most popular baby names of the...
Every year the Social Security Administration releases a list of most popular baby names. Find out which were the most popular!
What Kinds of Water Work for Baby Formula?
When you mix your baby's formula, you need to be careful about what kind of water you use. Find out what water is best to use for baby formula and why.
Do You Know the Signs of a Yeast Diaper Rash?
By learning the signs, along with some time-tested prevention techniques, you can keep your infant's bottom clean, dry and yeast infection-free.
Here's When and How You Can Introduce Cheese...
Learning when to introduce certain foods to your baby isn't easy. So when can baby have cheese? Learn more about when and how to introduce cheese here.
Overview of Infant Colic
Wondering if your fussy baby has infant colic? Get an idea if your baby's fussiness is more than just crankiness, and learn about colic symptoms and colic treatments.
How Long (and When) Should I Expect My Newborn...
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Do You Know the Symptoms of a Yeast Diaper Rash?
A stubborn diaper rash that refuses to go away with diaper rash cream might possibly be a yeast diaper rash. Here's how to spot the telltale symptoms.
How to Pick Names for Brothers and Sisters
Picking out a sibling name that compliments the names of brothers and sisters can be challenging. Here is a list of sibling baby name ideas for families.
Popular Boy Names for Girls
Follow the baby name trend of using traditional boy names on girls. Browse this list of the most popular boy names for girls.
How Babies Develop During the First 3 Months of...
Learn the physical development benchmarks of 0 to 3 month old babies. Growth, gross motor, fine motor, physical appearance, and sensory development detailed.
Sophia, Olivia and Emma are popular girls'...
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What is cluster feeding and does my baby ned it?
What is cluster feeding with breastfeeding and is cluster feeding normal for a baby?
Should You Always Replace a Car Seat After an...
Do you need to get rid of a child car seat after any accident? Not necessarily. Find out what constitutes replacing a car seat following an accident.
Is my newborn breathing normally?
Find out what some normal newborn breathing patterns so that you know what to expect in the first weeks of your baby's life.
9 Easy Ways to Calm Colic
For fussy babies or those who are suffering from colic, there are many natural, in-home remedies that can be used. Consider these methods to calm colic.
Create a Fun Diaper Wreath for a Baby Shower....
Learn how to make a diaper wreath to give at a baby shower. This easy gift is filled with useful items for mom and baby and is fun to make.
Belle Names and Related Monickers
In the past 10 years, Baby's First Year.
Check Out These Last Names That Make Cool First...
In the past decade or so, using last names like Mason, Jackson, Madison and Avery as baby names has become an increasingly popular trend.
9 Tips to Increasing Your Breastmilk Supply
If your breastfed baby is having difficulty gaining weight or you have been diagnosed with low milk supply, these 7 tips can help increase your breast milk production. Low milk supply can be easily resolved if you make smart choices.
Lee Names
Comprehensive listing of lee names. Includes several different lee sound endings. Ley names, leigh names, ly names and more.
10 Tips for Snapping Cute Valentine's Day...
Cute baby photos are a fun way to share the love on Valentine's Day. Explore some adorable ideas for baby pictures with hearts, flowers and more.
7 Tips for Starting Your Baby on Solids
Feeding baby food to your growing child is a landmark milestone. Check out these tips, advice, and nutritional guidelines before you start.
Are Essential Oils Safe For Babies?
Essential oils are everywhere--but are they safe for your baby?
How to Create a Baby Scrapbook
Learn how to create a baby scrapbook without spending a lot of time or money on the project. Baby scrapbook freebies and page kits make assembling a baby album quick and easy.
Physical Development - Physical Development of...
Learn the physical development benchmarks of 3 to 6 month old babies. Growth, gross motor, fine motor, physical appearance and sensory development detailed.
What Do I Need to Know About Beginning Infant...
The traditional first food of infants is infant cereal. However, more and more parents are questioning whether there are other options on starting solids.
Banana Nutrition
Bananas are a healthy fruit for babies, kids and adults. Banana nutrition facts reveal why bananas are so good for you and your baby. Hints are starting bananas with your baby included.
Your Guide to Choosing a Baby Name
Wondering how to choose a baby name? There are lots of factors to consider. Here are some points to take under consideration.
Best First Foods for Babies
Ready to introduce your baby to his first taste of food? Set the stage for healthful eating with these veggies, fruits, grains and meats.
Virtue Names: Beyond Faith, Grace and Hope
Beyond, Faith, Grace, and Hope. In recent years virtue names have seen a resurgence in baby-naming popularity. Here's a quick list of names that speak of a person's character.
Baby Tantrums: Understanding Baby's Mood Swings
Baby tantrums have a way of taking you by surprise, but it is important to understand what causes them in order to know how to respond to them.
Can You Safely Drink Alcohol While Breastfeeding?
A night of drinking, breastfeeding, is it a no-no? Find out if that glass of wine is a no-no, whether you need to
11 Unique Creative Themes for Your Baby's First...
If you're looking for a memorable way to celebrate your baby's first birthday, look beyond the basic themes for first birthday parties at your local party supply store. Searching for creative one-year-old birthday ideas will help you plan a celebration that will be talked about for many years to come.
Are drop side cribs safe to use with your baby?
Find out about new regulations for crib and drop side crib safety.
How Often Should You Breastfeed Your Baby?
A big question of breastfeeding moms, is - how often. Breastfeed successfully by following these feeding guidelines. Discover which is better - feeding on demand or scheduled feedings.
Is It Okay to Have My Baby at Funeral Services?
There are times when it might be necessary or even preferred to have your baby at funeral services. Here are some things you should consider when making your decision.
How To Combine Breast and Formula Feeding
How To Combine Breast and Formula Feeding
Simple Ways to Clear Your Baby's Nasal Congestion
It's pretty common for babies to have nasal congestion from time to time. Try these steps to avoid nasal irritants and clear that little nose.
Essentials for the first three months of your...
What baby essentials will you need in the first few months of life with your baby? Use this guide to get started!
Baby Girl Names Inspired by Greek Mythology
Looking for a beautiful name for your baby girl? Greek mythology offers many choices for unusual baby girls' names with interesting meanings behind them.
Fall Names for Autumn-Born Babies
Autumn names can be a great choice for a baby born in September, October or November.
Can a Good Baby Nap Pattern Improve Nighttime...
Wondering how to get your baby to sleep longer at night? Observing baby nap habits might be the key.
How Do I Keep My Diaper Pails From Smelling So...
If you haven't noticed, diaper pails stink... bad. How do you get the odor out of foul-smelling diaper pails? Find out how.
Is Baby Spit Up a Medical Concern or Laundry...
Feel like you are being covered in baby spit up? Fear it might be too much? Before you head to your pediatricians for a diagnoses of reflux, realize that it is at all uncommon for frequent baby spit up. Find out if your baby spitting up is a medical problem and ways to decrease the amount of spit up.
8 Touching Songs for a Baby's Funeral
Songs and hymns that are well chosen can be a point of comfort during a heart-breaking time.Advantage of a pop song is that many people will recognize it.
Gifts for Babies 3 to 6 Months
Buying gifts for babies can be so much fun, but it can be hard to figure out what gifts are developmentally appropriate. Check out these gift suggestions for babies age 3 to 6 months.
Don't forget these diaper bag essentials for...
Don't forget these diaper bag essentials for every age and stage with your baby.
How to Choose the Best Diaper Rash Cream for...
When selecting a diaper rash cream, you have a wide variety of options. Here's a list of effective diaper rash treatments.
How Toys Can Stimulate a Baby's Cognitive...
Babies' ability to grasp and manipulate toys advances rapidly during the first year. Learn developmentally appropriate exercises that will enhance their gripping skills and promote cognitive development.
Crib bumpers may be more dangerous than we...
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Everything You Need to Know About Starting Your...
Feeding solids to your baby isn't an exact science, but there are some general guidelines you can follow to simplify it.
Baby Vision: Developing Visual Tracking Skills
Learn practical ways to develop baby vision with simple activities.
Newborn Baby Photos: Getting Ready for Baby's...
Learn how to plan for baby's first photo shoot. Select the perfect outfit and props to turn your newborn baby photos into a chance for precious baby photos that will put a smile on your face.
Everything You Need to Know About Baby Bedding
Many safety groups advise against using crib bedding for fear of SIDS. Here are tips on the safest choices.
Check Out These Baby Names Inspired by Old...
Stars and celebrities from the. Baby's First Year.
Birthday Cake Ideas for Babies and Kids
Got an upcoming birthday party for a baby or child? This photo gallery will inspire your birthday cake ideas.
Constipation After Birth
It is not uncommon for moms to experience constipation after birth. Find out why it happens and what you can do to get relief.
Newborn Fingers and Toes
Little newborn fingers and toes are so petite and delicate- and in need of special care. Follow these tips on how to take care of your baby's hands, feet, fingers and toes.
Newborn Development
As your baby ages, you need to key into milestones of newborn development. Here's what to expect of your infant's growth and development in the early weeks and suggestions of when you need to contact a pediatrician.
Gift for a Baby Around 2 Months of Age
Curious what to get for a baby who is around 2 months old? Check out these suggestions, like gifts that encourage kicking or make noise.
When You Can Start Feeding Your Baby Solid Foods
Perhaps your toying with the idea of feeding solids to your baby, but you just aren't sure if it is time. Learn some facts about beginning solids.
Girls' Names From Greek Myths
Greek myths can be a great source of ideas for names for your baby girl.
Baby Checklist: What to Pack for Hospital...
Wondering what baby items to pack in your hospital bag? Use this handy checklist to determine what to take for your newborn and what to leave home.
Different Spellings For Baby Names
The trend of using different spellings of a popular name has taken root, which means a growing number of baby girls named Madasyn and Sofia.
How to Keep a Salt Dough Impression of Your...
Baby handprint crafts such as salt dough ornaments make for special keepsakes, as well as great gifts for grandparents, daycare providers, and other important people in your child's life.
Lyn Names
A comprehensive listing of lyn names for girls. Includes a look at the history and popularity of lyn names.
Avocado Nutrition and Baby Development
Avocado nutrition facts show why it makes a great first food for babies.
How to Make Your Own ABC Book for Your Baby
Making an ABC book is a fun project that can help you clear out your scrapbook supply stash while creating a special keepsake for your baby. The best part about making an ABC book is that this project can be as simple or as complex as you see fit.
What Are the Car and Booster Seat Laws in Your...
Find out the car seat laws for every state. Includes specific information on rear-facing laws, booster seat laws, and seat belt laws as well.
What Should I Say After the Death of a Baby?
If a friend or loved on losses an infant or child, it can difficult to know what you can say and do. Here are some insights on how to speak to a parent following the death of a baby or child.
When Can Babies Have Fish? Is Fish Safe for...
When is it safe for baby to eat fish? Feeding guidelines have changed. Find out when your baby can have fish, shellfish, or crustaceans.
Baby Poses for Stunning Baby Portraits
Finding baby poses can be tricky, since infants have limited mobility. Learn how to find the best baby poses for your baby portraits.
Boy Names for Girls
There are unisex baby names and then there is a trend of using boy names for girls. What started this baby name trend, what opinions surround it, and what are some currently popular examples of using traditional boy's names for girls? Find out answers to your baby name questions here.
Is My Baby Sleeping Too Much or Not Enough?
You may be surprised by the amount of shut-eye an infant really needs. Use our guide to learn how much sleep your baby needs at night and nap time.
Do I Have to Start with Baby Cereal?
Getting ready to start your baby on solids and wondering if you must begin with baby cereal? Find out what your options are.
Decorating Picture Frames for Baby Photos
Decorating picture frames can be a good way to showcase special baby photos. Unfinished wooden frames can be decorated with papers and embellishments to make unique gifts or home decor.
Girls' Names Inspired by Greek Mythology
Greek Mythology Names for Girls, A-D. Check out this comprehensive list of some women from Greek mythology and find a unique name for your baby.
Baby Toys for 9 to 12 Month Olds
These are the best baby toys for babies aged 9-12 months, featuring lots of imagination and fun.
How to Pick the Perfect Avocado for Your Baby
Avocado fruit is a wonderful first food for babies. Learn how to tell if the avocado is ripe and how to speed up the ripening process.
Physical Development – What to Expect in...
Your baby's physical development will continue to make great strides during months 6 through 9. Check out what to expect in the areas of growth, motor skill, and sensory development for this age.
Breast Compressions
Breast compressions are a breastfeeding technique with great benefits. Find out why and how to use breast compressions to improve many different breastfeeding concerns such as low milk supply, sore nipples, and low weight gain.
Five Newborn Baby Toys
Looking for a gift for the baby in your life and aren't sure of the best newborn toys? Check out these five baby toys for 0-3 months.
Why Name Your Baby Olivia?
Find out everything about the baby name Olivia, including its origins and some interesting women who bear the name.
The Baby Name Addison
The popular girls' name Addison has risen in prominence among Millennial parents. Where did the name come from?
Birthday Cake Designs
Sift through these awesome birthday cake designs to find the cake you are looking for. Page 15.
Thawing Baby Food Cubes
If you are freezing baby food cubes, find out what methods you can use to thaw the cubes for meals.
What's the Best Gift for Baby?
Looking for the perfect gift for baby aged 6 to 9 months? Check out these suggestions for fun, developmentally appropriate toys that are sure to keep him entertained?
Girls' Birthday Cakes
Searching for the best girls' birthday cakes? Check out some of these ideas. Page 19.
When Can Your Baby Drink Water?
Before offering supplements to your baby, be sure you are familiar with guidelines for giving baby water.
Check out These Lyrics to Popular Lullabies
Help baby sleep with soothing songs and rhymes. Here are the lyrics to many favorite lullabies.
Can You Teach Your Baby To Swim?
Brush up on your water safety skills and find out if it's really possible to teach your baby how to swim.
Not everyone hates crying babies on planes,...
What a stranger did for this crying baby on a plane will warm your heart
Gut Bacteria Levels May Impact Baby's Asthma Risk
New research shows asthma may have a surprising cause early in life.
Breastfeeding and Milk Supply
Should you take medications while breastfeeding? What medical research and other professionals say.
Understanding Your Options for Babies' Cribs
Don't let the overwhelming number of options for a baby's crib overwhelm you. Check out this information which details various styles, colors, and designs when selecting your baby's crib.
Would you bring your baby to a wedding?
Are wedding bells a-ringing? Here are a few tips and advice on if you should bring your baby to a wedding.
Names for Boys Ending in A
Are you looking for names for boys ending in
Potential Risks When You Start Baby Food Early
Does it really matter when you start baby food? Is there any truth to all the hype that if parents start baby food too early that it could harm their children. Find out what medical research has to say about it, and the differences between starting solids in breastfed babies and formula fed babies.
When Can I Expect to Hear My Baby Talk?
When does baby talking begin? Find out what major milestones to expect in language development during baby's first year.
Nitrates and Homemade Baby Foods
Those who make their own homemade baby foods need to understand the dangers of nitrates in baby food. Find out what nitrates are and how to lower their rates when making baby food.
Mia: A popular name for baby girls
Mia has multicultural appeal for parents seeking a simple-sounding name for their baby girl.
Baby Nursery Room: Checklist of Essentials
Planning your baby's nursery? The list of things you'll need in baby's room isn't long, and shouldn't bust your budget.
What's the best lactose free formula for your...
Lactose free formulas are used to replace cow's milk based formula for infants shown to have lactose intolerance or have a cow's milk allergy.
Using Pumpkin in Homemade Baby Food
Pumpkin is an excellent ingredient in homemade baby food. These tips will help you in preparing the pumpkin.
Make Baby Birth Announcements With Adobe...
To save money while announcing your little bundle of joy, you can create customized baby birth announcements using Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.

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