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10 Tips for Adding Pizzazz to the Nursery

Nursery Accessories Pack a Punch


Updated November 28, 2012

Nursery accessories can be a fun way to change the ambiance of a room. Since these are generally less expensive items, they can be easily traded for other “less babyish” items as she grows. Here are some points to consider when embellishing the nursery.

Don’t Go Overboard on the Nursery Theme

Many manufacturers have ample accessories that serve to communicate your theme. However, be cautious about "theme overload." Too many items may make the room seem crowded, busy, or just plain silly. Balance accessories so that they subtly complement the theme.

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Think Functionality

Rather than going overboard, select a few central pieces to decorate the room rather than every item. I also low when accessories offer both style and functional. Consider including the following: closet organizers, a cute lamp, a trash can, or a back lit clock that will help you keep track of feeding times.

Consider Permanence

The question you need to ask yourself, how do I feel about re-decorating in a few years? Depending whether you are okay with a complete change-over or you want to be able to use as much as possible might change some of your choices. Consider the adaptability of opting for wall hangings or adhesive wall stickers over wallpapers and border or buying a convertible crib vs. a standard crib.

Plan the Nursery Layout Ahead of Time

After digesting all of this information, take time to listen to your partner’s thoughts and ideas about what to include and omit from the nursery and share your own opinion. Venture into the room together and think about the design elements that are important to each of you. You may even want to draw a rough sketch and diagram alternative room arrangements. Measure the wall space and note how large the dimensions of furniture can be to fit where you hope to place it.

Browse the Store

When you head to the store, take your notes as well as a tape measure. Scrutinize the larger pieces with regard to quality, durability, and size. Be sure that the pieces will endure and work well in the space you have chosen.

While at the store, you might want to consider gift registry. Here are some further insights on baby gift registration:

Paint the Baby’s Room

Paint is a wonderful creative accessory! Paint the room only after you’ve got the furniture, theme, and accessories picked out. Perhaps you fell in love with a color, only to find it looks washed out with the wood grain of the furniture or fails to complement the nursery colors.

Setting Up the Nursery

Depending on your assembly skill levels and how heavy it is, when the furniture arrives, you may want to invite someone over to help. Parents or siblings may enjoy helping put together the crib and arranging the room. Be patient and arrange the room elements until the room achieves the atmosphere you wish to convey.

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Go By Baby Steps

Planning the nursery is definitely a process that takes a great deal of time and thought. It may be best to tackle the nursery in baby steps to help avoid feelings of frustration and anxiety.

Enjoy the Moment

Finally, once you have your nursery ready, spend a quiet evening together. Take a few pictures of the room and each other for the baby scrapbook. Enjoy the anticipation of bringing your baby home and the relief in knowing that her space is ready and awaiting her.

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