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What Dads Need to Pack for a Hospital Delivery

Making Sure Dad Is Ready for the Hospital Stay


Updated June 23, 2014

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When it comes to the eventful day of baby's arrival, everyone wants to be sure that they are ready. However, while mom and baby's bags are good to go, sometimes as the expectant father, your needs may get overlooked in thep acking process. This simple list will help make sure that you have what you need for the hospital delivery.

Packing Dad's Bag for the Hospital

Be sure to touch base with the hospital to find out the basics of parking, cafeteria availability, and services the hospital offer to expectant fathers. Once that is determined, you can add those items to your hospital bag that includes:

  • Your basic toiletries: deodorant, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair care supplies, etc. You may want to think twice about colognes as strong odors may bother other patients.
  • A pair of pajamas or clothing comfortable for sleeping in.
  • Money for parking lot fees and vending machines. A stack of one dollar bills may load down your wallet, but will save you the hassle of trying to break a 20 later on.
  • A swim suit. No, you aren't going to be enjoying the pool at the Hilton, but you may find that the mother-to-be needs assistance in the Jacuzzi tub or the shower during labor.
  • A sustaining snack and beverage. Choose a snack that does not have a strong aroma that may set of a wave of nausea in the mom. You also may want to consider ducking out of the labor room to enjoy your snack if mom is hungry, but not permitted to eat at that time.
  • Eyeglasses. Even if you wear contacts, pack your glasses as back up.
  • Note: if the delivery will be a scheduled c-section, keep in mind that you may need to pack enough for a 4 day stay. Otherwise, you may have to return home to grab a few items.

When to Pack

At the thirty-sixth week of pregnancy, you definitely want to be sure your bags are good-to-go. If the mother is classified as a high risk pregnancy, you may want to consider packing as early as the thirty-second week. Once your bags are packed, you can focus on your next job - to wait expectantly for labor to begin.

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