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Make Baby Gift Registry Special


Updated November 26, 2012

When it comes time to register, make it a special day for the mom-to-be. The day itself has the potential to be overwhelming, stressful, or even a little bit boring for some parents. To start the day off right, set the tone for the day as being a cherished event from the get-go.

Make Gift Registry Special

Find ways to indulge the mother and to create a relaxed atmosphere. Consider pampering her with a massage before you leave or serving breakfast in bed. You may also wish to present her with flowers, a handwritten card, or other trinket. Suggest that once registering is completed, you should reward yourselves with a meal at her favorite restaurant or maybe a movie at the local cinema. If finances are an issue, something as simple as inexpensive take-out and her favorite movie watched from home will be special too.

After you have thoughtfully started the day with positive energy, head to the store you have selected with a detailed list of items (See: What Do Babies Need). Try your best not to be lured off of this list too often by the gleaming packages wrapped in plastic. It is easy to get a little “scan happy” with the cool UPC gun or to be charmed by the marketing of products with extreme claims, but it is a good idea to curb the desire to register for many impulse items.

Dwindle Baby Registry Down to the Essentials

A focused registry is important because you will inevitably receive items that you simply do not need. These unnecessary items may come from impulse registry items, duplicate gifts, or gifts that friends and family insist you need. When you construct your registry to reflect what it is you really need and really want, you can trim down some of the less-than-useful items.

You may also want to think long and hard about registering for many non-essential gifts – like toys or CDs. Often what happens is when a loved one looks at the registry and sees colorful, fun toys or a boring pack of onesies, they are enticed by the appeal of the toy. Practically speaking, when you have a baby that seems to spit up or blow out diapers continually, those onesies will come in handy a lot more than that toy that the baby will not even be able to pick up for several months. Activity centers and play mats may be the better option over a great deal of smaller toys as they generally are used regularly and are more useful. Often people may throw in these smaller toys purchased off the registry to enhance a package, so you may find you have an abundance of toys anyway.

After you have registered, be sure to clue in close family and friends to where you have registered and any particular needs you may have. They can relay this information to others in your support network of friends and family. If someone asks you what your needs are, do not be afraid to tell them where you have registered.

As the months tick by while you wait for your baby to arrive, the best things you can do to prepare is communicate well with your partner, develop a solid list of your needs and wishes, and focus on enjoying the process of planning for the baby. When you achieve these goals, you will have both a pleasant and productive experience where you avoid the common pitfalls of stress and frustration. By doing so, you not just get what you truly need and desire, but also avoid being suckered into buying items like the not-so-ingenious Peepee Teepee.

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