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Welcoming Baby Home

Welcome your baby home and have all you need to know in place. Find advice on baby naming, birth plans, managing household chores, post pardum recovery and more.
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What Dads Need to Pack for a Hospital Delivery
Often parents focus so much on packing the hospital bag for mom and baby, but they forget about what dad may need during the hospital say. Here's the rundown on what dad should stash in his suitcase.

What Baby Items Do I Need to Pack for a Hospital Delivery?
Wondering what baby items you need to pack for the hospital delivery? Though the hospital will provide for most of your baby's essentials during the stay, there are a few items that may be helpful to bring.

Episiotomy Care
After your baby is born, you may find that you need to deal with perineum stitches. Here are some tips on taking care of your episiotomy.

Postpartum Warning Signs
During postpartum recovery, there are many signs and symptoms that may indicate a health concern. Know when to contact your doctor.

A Parents' Guide to Colic - Coping With The Challenges Of Colic
Dr. Rita Louise offers compassionate advice and treatment suggestions to ease your child's colic symptoms.

Baby Room Feng Shui: Welcome the Baby with a Healthy Feng Shui Nursery
Getting ready for your new baby requires a lot of planning, and feng shui can help you start with a very good foundation for your baby's room preparations.

Learn How to Make a Diaper Wreath
Learn how to make a diaper wreath to create a fun alternative to the diaper cakes that are popular gifts at baby showers. Baby diaper wreaths are smaller than diaper cakes, which makes them quick and inexpensive gift ideas.

Ideas for Easy Homemade Baby Shower Gifts
Homemade baby shower gifts don't necessarily require you to have a lot of free time or great amount of crafting skill. Diaper cakes, diaper wreaths, and other simple projects can be completed in just one afternoon even if you're not a particularly "crafty" sort of person.

Baby Gift Registry Tips
If you are registering for baby gifts, follow these tips to reduce stress and make sure that you are registering for what you really will need.

Where to Register for a Baby Shower
Follow these tips on where to register for a baby shower. Some stores definitely have better gift registrations than others. Find out which to avoid.

Advice for New Dads
Here's some advice for new dads on baby gift registration. Follow these tips to have a special day with the soon to be mother.

Baby Essentials
Really, how do you sort out what baby essentials are really essentials? Use this guide to help answer the question, "What do babies need?"

Setting Up the Nursery
Setting up the nursery is a fun part of planning for your baby. These tips will help achieve a room arrangement that is practical, safe, and inviting.

10 Tips for Adding Pizzazz to the Nursery
Nursery accessories are a wonderful way to infuse personality into the baby nursery.

First Time Labor: What Can I Expect for a Natural Start to Child Birth?
If you are a first-time dad or a first time labor coach and you anticipate a natural start to child birth, these First Time Labor Tips will be helpful.

Advice for Expecting Fathers
Here are some tips for expecting fathers and what they can to assist the mom during child birth.

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