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Promoting sleep is a common concern for parents of babies. Many philosophies (cosleeping, sleep training, and crying it out) and many experts (Ferber, Pantley, and Weissbluth) offer advice on establishing healthy rest for the whole family. Sift through these ideas on sleeping through the night, napping needs, and sleeping routines to find the best sleep solution that suits your lifestyle.

Baby Sleep: How Much Sleep Does My Baby Need at Night and During Naps?
Is my baby sleeping too much? Not enough? Should she be taking 2 naps a day or 3? Find out general guidelines for baby sleep amounts.

Can a Good Baby Nap Pattern Improve Nighttime Sleep?
Wondering how to get your baby to sleep longer at night? Observing baby nap habits might be the key.

What Should I Expect of Newborn Sleep?
Newborn sleep is quite different from that of babies who are 3 months to a year old. Expectations for the sleep of a newborn should be developmentally appropriate.

Dr. Sears' Views on Baby Sleep
Dr. William Sears, noted American pediatrician, deviates from traditional theories of baby sleep. Advocating cosleeping and denouncing "cry it out" methods, Sears ideas are embraced by some and rejected by others.

Crying It Out
Explanation of the sleep training method known as crying it out: overview, how-to, and discussion of surrounding controversy.

Parent and Baby Sleep Sharing - When Parent and Baby Sleep in…
Cosleeping is often a hotly debated topic. Many question whether if a parent and baby sleep sharing is a safe practice. Share your insights.

How to Help Baby Sleep Using Ferberization
This simple step-by-step guide may help baby sleep by using techniques suggested by Dr. Richard Ferber.

Sleep Asssociation
A sleep association might be preventing a better night's rest.

Baby Sleep and Bedtime Routines
Sleep is a treasured thing, and most parents long to find how to improve how much, how well, and how independently their baby sleeps. These tips provide suggestions on how to improve how well your baby sleeps by using bedtime routines.

Cosleeping, Shared Sleep, and the Family Bed - Benefits and Criticisms
Co-sleeping, sleep sharing, and the family bed are different terms that describe the same parenting sleep practice. Many advocate co-sleeping for its benefits, others attack it for its potential dangers.

Get Baby to Sleep Without Crying

A baby sleeping in cherubic-like sleep is a wonderful sight to behold. The problem can be finding a way to get baby to sleep and to sleep well. While many parents have found success with cry it out sleep training methods, other parents find the process to be exhausting, guilt-ridden, and stressful. For those families, there are many other methods they can use to help their baby to sleep without tears.

Baby Sleep Through the Night - When Did Your Baby Sleep Through the Night
Share with others- when your did you baby sleep through the night? What did you do that helped your baby achieve this milestone.

Baby Sleep Books - Best Baby Sleep Books
Which of the many baby sleep books did you find helpful? Sound off on which book is the best.

Cry It Out
Cry It Out (CIO) is a term that refers to a method of sleep training a baby to sleep through the night.

Baby Sleep Associations - Sleep Associations in Babies
Sleep associations can either help or hinder how well your baby sleeps at night. What sleep association did your baby have and how did it affect his sleep?

Sleeping Through the Night
Exhausted because your baby isn't "sleeping through the night" and wondering how to get her to do it? Here's a surprise- sleeping through the night might not be what you think it is.

What Are Your Thoughts on the Ferber Method?
Did you try the Ferber method or some other method involving crying it out? Talk about your experience with other parents.See submissions

Infant and Baby Pajamas - Halo SleepSack Wearable Blanket
The right baby pajamas are important. The right fit can mean a good night's sleep and depending on the weight of the baby pajamas, you may be able to forgo a blanket, which can be dangerous.

Cosleeping With Your Baby - A Safe Family Bed
A look at safe co-sleeping practices so that you and baby can share a family bed together safely.

Baby Sleep Schedules - Basics of Infant Sleep Patterns
Review the changes in baby sleep schedules from newborns to older infants so that you know what to expect and when your baby should be sleeping.

Standard Mattress Size - What Is Standard Mattress Size for Cribs
Standard Mattress Size - What Is Standard Mattress Size for Cribs

Crib Drawers - Are Crib Drawers Worth the Money?
Crib Drawers - Are Crib Drawers Worth the Money?

Baby Lullabies - Using Baby Lullabies as a Part of Bedtime Routines
Baby Lullabies - Using Baby Lullabies as a Part of Bedtime Routines

True Womb Swaddle Review
The True Womb Swaddle is an award-winning sleeping system designed to help your baby sleep better, but does it really live up to its claim? This True Womb™ review tells it like it is.

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