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In that first year after a baby joins a family, everyone undergoes an adjustment. Mom recovers physically and mentally, the parents' relationship adapts, and dad also finds himself amid great chance. From getting better to sleep to postpartum recovery to what meals to cook, you'll find the information here.
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Best and Worst Baby Advice
It seems everyone out there loves to give a little baby advice from time to time. What is the best or worst advice you have gotten from people?See submissions

About.com Baby Parenting Message Board
Parenting Message Boards are a great resource for moms and dads to get in touch with other people from all over the world about common parenting concerns. Our forum focuses on babies within the first year of life.

Parents Should be Lovers - Keep Your Lust for One Another Alive
Suggestions on how to sustain intimacy in marriage.

How to Have a Happy Marriage When You're Busy Parenting
Sometimes when you have children, the relationship with your significant other can take a back seat. Here are some ways to make sure this relationship.

Ideas for Cheap Dates - Budget-Wise Date Ideas for Parents
Suggestions for ways to enjoy cheap dates between spouses.

Tips for New Dads to Help Babies Sleep - Help the Whole Family Sleep
Support for father's on how to maximize sleep for the entire family.

Creativity Exercises for New Parents
Creativity exercises can be relaxing for new parents. Learn how the creativity exercises in "The Artistic Mother" can help you use photography, poetry, and mixed media to make art with pictures of your child.

Sexy Nursing Bras
Nursing bras don't have to be plain and boring. Here are several sexy nursing bras that not only function well but look fabulous and make you feel sexy.

5 Great Sleep Bras
Sleep bras provide comfort and support at night.

When People Judge Your Parenting Style
If you are a parent, more than likely you've come into contact with people who are quick to judge your parenting style. Wondering how you can handle or even diffuse negative judgements against your parenting choices, check out these suggestions.

The Involved Father: Breastfeeding Support 101
Advice for father: breastfeeding support from beginning. How dad can be involved with feeding their breastfed baby.

How to Soothe a Baby
If you are desperate for suggestions on how to soothe a baby, look no further. Though geared toward advice for dads on calming fussy babies, anyone can use these tips.

How Can I Get Household Help After Birth of a Baby?
Once you bring your new baby home, you may need to find help after birth in order to keep up on household chores. Here are some suggestions for adjusting to daily routines with a newborn baby.

Rekindling Romance After Baby
After the birth of your birth baby, are you wondering what will happen to the romance? Baby parents may need to be intentional about rekindling romance after baby is born.

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