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Parenting Methods

As a parent you are going to find out what parenting method and style suits your personality and your baby's needs. From traditional methods to more conventional one, our site provides you with subjective information on various parenting styles.

When People Judge Your Parenting Style
If you are a parent, more than likely you've come into contact with people who are quick to judge your parenting style. Wondering how you can handle or even diffuse negative judgements against your parenting choices, check out these suggestions.

Attachment Parenting International
Attachment Parenting International (API) is a non-profit organization designed to support parents

What Is Attachment Parenting?
Attachment parenting, a method of raising socially confident children, is defined. Learn the basic principles of attachment parenting and how cosleeping, babywearing, and gentle discipline ties into the philosophy.

Baby Dedication - What is Baby Dedication?
What is Baby Dedication? Explore the practice of Baby Dedication, what it means, the responsibilities involved, and Scriptures about Baby Dedication.

How To Make Cooperative Parenting Work - Joint Parenting After Divorce
When the two parents can put their differences aside and continue to co-parent the children, the children will feel happier and more secure. Some guidelines will make the co-parenting relationship easier on everyone.

Ritual Circumcision in Judaism - Why Jewish Baby Boys are Circumcised
In Judaism, a baby's circumcision is much more than surgery. A Jewish baby's circumcision marks his entrance into the covenant with God.

Build Attachment with Your Baby - Attachment Parenting and Babies
Some may say you're spoiling your baby, but chances are, that's just not true. Follow these tips to build a healthy, secure attachment with your baby.

Baby Tantrum Stories - When Has Your Baby Thrown a Fit
Have you dealt with baby tantrums? Share a story of a time when your baby threw a tantrum.

Understanding Baby Tantrums
Baby tantrums have a way of taking you by surprise, but it is important to understand what causes them in order to know how to respond to them.

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