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5 Perfectly Personalized Easter Baskets

Holiday Keepsakes with Your Child's Name or Monogram


Updated February 25, 2013

Sure, you can buy a simple straw basket at the local thrift store for only a buck or two, but those cheap baskets often don't hold up year after year. A worthy investment for your baby or child can be a personalized Easter basket. These baskets make fine keepsakes that can be used year after year. Here are some great options for you to consider.

1. Animal Themed Easter Baskets

Animal Easter Baskets

Got an animal lover on your hand? These cloth Easter baskets made from polyster are great for containing sweet treats and Easter goodies. You can choose from blue or pink bunnies, lamb, duck, frog or a bumblebee. The basket measures 11"H x 10”W. This dear basket is perfect for both baby's first Easter and for older children as well. Names can be up to 9 letters long.

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2. Old Fashioned Easter Baskets

Basket Easter

Perhaps you are looking for a basket with a more traditional style.  These old-fashioned baskets might be just up your alley. The white whicker basket cradles a polka dot liner in blue, pink or green. Names can be customized up to 9 letters.

3. Easter Bunny Baskets

Lillian Vernon
Lillian Vernon

Need a basket that can be personalized with a longer name? Lillian Vernon's Bunny basket will handle a name up to 12 characters long. The basket for the "Little Miss" in your life features a pink polka dot handle and embellished with a flower, while the basket for the "Little Sport" has a blue polka dot handle and a bunny sporting a bow tie.

4. Sports Easter Baskets

Sports Easter Basket

Have a football, soccer, or basketball fanatic in your home and want to pass on that tradition to your child? These sports themed Easter baskets are a great way to pass down your passion as you also pass out the candy. Suitable for names up to 9 letters long. Baskets measure 7H x 9W.

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5. Pottery Barn Easter Basket

Pottery barn Easter basket
Pottery Barn

Not to play favorites, but I think I can say that this canvas Easter basket from Pottery Barn is my favorite. The sweet gingham gives way to classic appeal, while the canvas construction speaks to the baskets durability from year to year. The basket has dear detailing with appliques and ric-rac trim. The name or initial monogram can be done in a variety of font styles with up to 9 letters long. Basket measures 9" diameter, 17" high (to the handle).

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