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Make Baby Birth Announcements With Adobe Photoshop Elements


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Make Baby Birth Announcements With Adobe Photoshop Elements
baby birth announcements

Choose a special baby picture to make your own baby birth announcements using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Dana Hinders

Although there are many different options available for ordering photo birth announcements, it is not difficult to create customized baby birth announcements using Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.

To begin, open a new file with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch. There are many different options for postcard sizes, including 4x6 or 5x7 prints. Review sites such as My Postcard Printing and Vista Print to determine what best fits your budget for photo baby announcements.

zIdataGID=59546 zIdataSocialT= zIdataTitle=Birth Baby Announcements - Heralding the Birth Baby Baby Announcements zIdataDesc=There's nothing more special that your baby's birth. Baby announcements are a simple way to share the event with friends and family. Browse reader's examples of birth announcements or share your own. zIlb_t=Suggested Reading zIlb_d1=Creative Birth Announcements zIlb_u1=http://baby.about.com/od/markingmilestones/a/birth-announcement-ideas.htm zIlb_f1= zIlb_zt1=18/1Pp zIlb_d2=Birth Baby Announcements for Multiples zIlb_u2=http://multiples.about.com/od/twinfants/tp/birthannounce.htm zIlb_f2= zIlb_zt2=18/1Pp zIlb_d3=How to Create a Baby Scrapbook zIlb_u3=http://baby.about.com/od/Baby-Scrapbooks/a/baby-scrapbooks.htm zIlb_f3= zIlb_zt3=18/1Pp zIlb_tot=3
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