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12 Days of Christmas for Babies


Updated August 03, 2011

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Cozy Goose Down Blanket for Your Baby
goose down blanket

Berry Baby goose down blanket available in hypoallergenic fibers as well.

Berry Baby

What would someone really do with six geese a-laying these days anyway? Better inspiration might be a goose down blanket, like this one by Etsy designer Berry Baby. This 26" X 26" blanket is absolutely warm and cozy.

This is the perfect size blanket to toss over your baby when going from a stroll outside or an asset to be used over the straps of your baby's car seat harness. Did you know that traditional infant winter coats and snowsuits can interfere with how well your baby is restrained in an accident. This blanket keeps your baby's harness performing as it should, and your baby will certainly be cozy under the comforting warmth of this goose down blanket.

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