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Birthday Cake Ideas for Babies and Kids

Find Inspiration for the Upcoming Birthday Party


Updated January 30, 2010

Coming up with decent birthday cake ideas for your baby or big kid can be a struggle. Sometimes to discover what you are looking for, it's best to leaf through pictures of cakes to find the right inspiration. This gallery of cakes range from traditional to the tad-bit odd, but might help you along the way.
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Birthday Party CupcakeCaterpillar Cupcakes for the Very Hungry CaterpillarCupcakes BirthdayYour Cupcake's Birthday CakeSesame Street CakeSesame Street CakeLego CakeFirst Birthday Lego Cake
Bear CakeSugary-Sweet Bear CakeHappy Birthday CakeA Happy Birthday Cake, School Bus ThemeChocolate Birthday CakeChocolate Birthday Cake for the Chocolate LoverFirst Birthday Cake IdeasFirst Birthday Cake Ideas
Cakes First BirthdayUnusual Cakes: First Birthday's With a Strange TwistPirate CakeThe Pirate CakeStar CakeFondant Star Cake DazzlesBirthday Cakes for GirlsBirthday Cakes for Girls
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