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Planning a Funeral for a Baby

Funeral Planning Resources


Updated June 16, 2014

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Possibly one of the most difficult things a parent may need to do is plan a funeral for a baby or child. Often they may need to lean on other friends and family as they work through the details while in a deep state of grief. These resources are meant to assist parents, families, and friends as the organize the baby's funeral.

Planning a Funeral Resources

How to Plan a Funeral or Memorial Service details basic steps, simply written on how to go about planning the service for your baby.

Planning a Memorial After Pregnancy Loss Specific advice for families mourning the loss of their baby following a miscarriage or stillbirth.

Funeral Music and Readings

How to Choose Funeral Music Contains different aspects you want to consider when selecting music specific to a baby or child's funeral

Contemporary Funeral Songs A list of appropriate funeral songs that have been in the Top 40.

Christian Funeral Songs For families desiring music from the Christian faith.

Extended List of Songs for a Baby Funeral Comprehensive list of songs appropriate for a baby or child's funeral service.

Christian Readings for a Baby's MemorialSelection of readings appropriate for Christian services.

Baby Funeral Secular ReadingsReadings without religious ties.

Inspirational Poetry for Infant Funerals Examples of poetry that might be read at the baby's funeral.

Jewish Funeral ReadingsFuneral reading selections of the Jewish faith.

Coping With the Loss and Providing Comfort

Coping With The Loss of a Child Provides tips on communicating with grieving parents

Coping With the Death of a Baby Insights for coping with the loss of a baby who died.

What to Say to Parents Who Lost a Baby provides information on what you can say or do to help parents through the grieving process. Alternatively, there are a few things you should avoid saying as well.

Should I Bring My Baby to a Funeral? Funeral etiquette when you need to bring your baby to a funeral.

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