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Marking Milestones

As your baby's first year passes by, you will want to document every important milestone. Suggestions for purchasing or creating baby books, photography tips, and planning the first birthday party included.
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  2. Baby Scrapbooks (65)
  3. First Birthday (16)
  4. Holidays With Baby (31)
  5. Photography Tips (30)
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Heralding the Birth: Baby Announcements
There's nothing more special that your baby's birth. Baby announcements are a simple way to share the event with friends and family. Browse reader's examples of baby announcements or share your own.See submissions

What Do I Need to Know About Getting My Babies' Shoes Bronzed?
Bronzing baby shoes has been a popular way of preserving the memory of baby's first steps. Parents looking to have their baby's first shoes bronzed may consider several possibilities.

Creative Themes for Baby Announcements
Get creative ideas for baby announcements. Whether you're looking for elegant and modern announcements or baby announcements that are cute and clever, making your own birth announcements is very easy.

Diaper Cake Instructions - Easy Diaper Cake Instructions for Baby Shower Gifts
Diaper Cake Instructions - Easy Diaper Cake Instructions for Baby Shower Gifts

Turn Your Favorite Cute Baby Stuff Into Special Baby Keepsakes
Instead of tossing out your favorite cute baby stuff, turn the items into special baby keepsakes that can be enjoyed on a daily basis. There are many crafts to make that let you recycle baby clothes and other items.

Baby Keepsakes - Turning Baby Items into Baby Keepsakes
Baby Keepsakes - Turning Baby Items into Baby Keepsakes

Make Baby Birth Announcements With Adobe Photoshop Elements
To save money while announcing your little bundle of joy, you can create customized baby birth announcements using Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.

Making Baby Handprint Crafts
Baby handprint crafts such as salt dough ornaments make for special keepsakes, as well as great gifts for grandparents, daycare providers, and other important people in your child's life.

Display Your Favorite Baby Photos in Altered Board Books
Give your child's outgrown board books a new life by turning them into cute mini scrapbook albums. Altered board books are easy to create and can be made to fit almost any theme you can imagine.

Finding Baby Modeling Jobs
Parents of cute kids often wonder how to find baby modeling jobs. Learning how to become a baby model isn't easy, but modeling can be a fun activity if it's approached with the right mindset.

Turn Baby Photos Into Art Inspired by Andy Warhol Pictures
Using Adobe Photoshop Elements 9, you can turn your favorite baby photos into wall art inspired by Andy Warhol pictures.

Ideas for Easy Homemade Baby Shower Gifts
Homemade baby shower gifts don't necessarily require you to have a lot of free time or great amount of crafting skill. Diaper cakes, diaper wreaths, and other simple projects can be completed in just one afternoon even if you're not a particularly "crafty" sort of person.

Selecting Songs for a Funeral
When it comes time to plan a funeral, consider what music will be used during the service. Here are some suggestions on how to choose songs for a funeral that may help provide a peaceful element during a difficult time.

What Should I Say After the Death of a Baby?
If a friend or loved on losses an infant or child, it can difficult to know what you can say and do. Here are some insights on how to speak to a parent following the death of a baby or child.

Child Death - Helping Parents Grieve the Loss of a Child
If you experienced the loss of a pregnancy, a baby, or child, what words and actions of friends helped the most?

Songs for a Baby's Funeral - Parent Choices for Funeral Music
Choosing the appropriate music for a baby's funeral can be challenging. Browse through other parents' suggestions for funeral music.

Planning a Funeral for a Baby
Organizing a funeral for a baby can be overwhelming and exhausting. Here are some resources for planning a baby's funeral.

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