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Baby Care Essentials


Precious babies have special baby care needs. From caring for their little bodies to making sure that every environment they are placed in is a safe one, there's much to know.
  1. Baby Proofing and Baby Safety
  2. Baby Diapering
  3. Baby Sleep and Sleep Schedules
  4. Teething and Tooth Care
  5. Baby Body Care

Baby Proofing and Baby Safety

Baby Proofing

It can be scary to read of all the accidental things that can go wrong within baby's first year of life. Baby proofing and baby safety needs must be taken seriously but without panic. Here are some ways to keep your baby and their environment safe.

Baby Diapering

Baby Care

Rough estimates say that in the first year, you'll change your baby's diaper more than 2,500 times. With diapering comes other decisions - what kinds of diaper, which diaper accessories to use, how to treat rashes, and the list goes on. Here's what you need to know to make it through those first 2,500 or so diaper changes.

Baby Sleep and Sleep Schedules

Baby Sleep

Most parents laugh when they hear the phrase "sleep like a baby" because they know that in reality that doesn't often mean a good nights sleep. From cosleeping to sleep training, naps to nighttime sleep, there are many ideas on how to get the best night sleep for the entire family. Check out how.

Teething and Tooth Care

baby teething, cutting teeth

Aw! The first tooth is seemingly a right of passage for your little bundle of joy. And while a baby that sports a pearly white smile is awfully cute, sometimes the process of teething can be anything but all-smiles.

Baby Body Care

Body Care

From head to toe, your baby will need your tender attention. Wondering what the best practice is for umbilical cord care or how to deal with that persnickety cradle cap? Find your answers here.

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