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Top Ten Frugal Tips for Babies


Updated September 29, 2011

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Find Alternatives to Paid Baby Sitters
Baby Sitters Are Expensive

Baby Sitters vs. Baby Sitting Coop

Jennifer White

Bottom line: baby sitters are expensive. Depending on your evening out, you might find that you plunk down more cash on paying the baby sitter than you do on your date or appointment. For some parents, the cost of baby sitters is so much that they don't go out sans kiddos at all.

There is good news - you can find ways to save money on the sitter.

  • Check to see if there is a baby sitting coop in your area.
  • Pair up with other families in your neighborhood and informally exchange sitting hours.
  • Create a list of family and close friends whom you can rotate through for sitting services.
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