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Organic Baby Hats Offer Added Sense of Security

The Classic Pom Pom Cap With A Twist


Updated September 20, 2010

Organic baby hats made from soft gender-neutral yarn make great shower gifts for eco-conscious parents.
Organic Baby Hats

Can Organic Baby Hats Get Any Cuter?

Used With Permission: Tayuh Tate Organic Crochet

I love the whimsy of the pom poms on this super soft organic hat. Crocheted in a muted geen accented with cream edging, this hat will provide for great photo opportunities. What's more, it's gender neutral, making perfect for boys and girls. The ear flaps add both a cute and practical feature; fun for your baby to tug on while providing warmth from cool breezes.

The designer used Nature's Choice Organic Cotton Yarn, which is very appealling to families looking for eco-friendly baby products. This medium-weight yarn is produced without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals.

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