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Updated September 29, 2011


The pocket diaper is comprised of two pieces, a waterproof outer cover with a pocket, normally made of microfleece or suede cloth. That liner wicks moisture quickly away from your baby's bum. The absorbing soaker pad is placed inside the pocket, providing a barrier from wetness.

Pocket Diaper Pros

Pocket diaper benefits make them a very popular choice among parents.

  • They are very similar to disposable diapers in how they go off and on. They fasten with Velcro, Aplix, or snaps.
  • No plunking and dunking in toilets to remove soil. The poo easily plops off from the liner.
  • They are available in one-size options, making for a more economical diaper.
  • You can adjust the absorbancy by stuffing the pocket with different types of inserts.
  • As with the All in One Diaper, the ease of use makes it a preferred choice of day cares.
  • The stay-dry liner keeps baby's bum drier, lending itself well to long car trips and nighttime diapering.
  • Often available in cute and wild prints and colors.
  • Prefolds require laundry preparation, pockets don't.

Pocket Diaper Cons

  • Because of the stay-dry liner, it can be more difficult for toddlers to potty train as they do not sense when they are wet.
  • It is important, yet tricky, to get a good fit around the thighs. If not, you may have to deal with some poo blowouts.
  • Laundering can be a bit tricky. Pocket diapers are particularly vulnerable to detergent build-up which may affect both the absorbency and waterproof outer.
  • Once your baby soils the diaper with urine or stool, the cover cannot be reused. This differs from covers over fitted diapers or prefolds that can be reused multiple times within the day.
  • Some may not like removing the soiled soaker from the inside of the pocket before laundering which is required of most pocket diapers.
  • With extended use the velcro may wear out and the liner is prone to pilling.

If you think these diapers are what you are looking for, check out our top recommendations for pocket diapers.

Also Known As: Envelope diapers
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