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Tips for Decorating a Small Baby Nursery

Nursery Ideas for Small Spaces


Updated June 18, 2014

small baby nursery

A small baby nursery can still be stylish.


While interior design magazines are filled with images of big, beautiful baby nurseries, the reality is that many parents don't have that much available space in their home when they find out they're expecting a new addition to the family. Whether you live in a tiny one bedroom apartment or you need to have baby share a room with an older sibling, decorating a small nursery takes a bit of creative thinking. The nursery needs to be a welcoming space for your child, but still provide enough room for everything you'll need during baby's first year.

Where Will Baby Sleep?

Obviously, the first consideration for all small nursery decorating ideas is deciding where your little bundle of joy is going to sleep. If you're pressed for space, consider purchasing a mini crib. This nifty piece of baby furniture offers all the comforts of a standard crib in a much smaller space. A portable crib that folds up during the day can be used for your baby's nursery as well. You can skip the bassinette, however, since your baby will quickly outgrow this sleeping space.

Changing Tables for a Small Baby Nursery

You don't need to purchase a separate changing table for your baby nursery. A changing pad can be added to the top of almost any dresser. There are also special changing table/dresser combinations that you can purchase.

Regardless of what option you select, remember that you need to keep your diapering supplies easily accessible. Ideally, you should be able to hold your baby with one hand and grab a fresh diaper with the other. Babies move quickly and it only takes a second for a child to fall.

Storage Is Key in a Small Space Nursery

How is it possible that one tiny person requires so much stuff? To avoid making your small baby nursery seem cramped and cluttered, plan your storage areas carefully.

Make sure you're taking advantage of every possible inch of space to provide the storage you need for all of baby's things. A tall bookcase that reaches from floor to ceiling can organize baby's books and keep wicker baskets full of toys easily accessible; just remember to anchor the bookcase for safety.

Corner shelving is another great solution for providing extra storage space, since these areas are often overlooked in many homes. Nets that hang in the corner to provide a space for stashing stuffed animals are also popular items for decorating a small nursery.

Baby clothes are simply adorable, so feel free to use these items to decorate your nursery if you are running short on space for your child's wardrobe. Purchase a hanging coat rack and a few padded hangers for displaying some of baby's favorite outfits.

Small Nursery Decorating Ideas

Light colors make small spaces feel larger, so sticking to traditional pastels is a good choice when you're decorating a tiny baby boy or baby girl nursery. If pastels aren't your thing, beige, taupe, and ivory are all good neutral colors that can easily be accented with themed accessories.

If you live in a one bedroom apartment or need to divide a larger room into two separate spaces, floor to ceiling curtains can be used to separate the nursery from the rest of your living space. The fabric can also be used to add a splash of color to the room if you're a renter who isn't allowed to paint.

While a small baby nursery might not be ideal, careful decorating can help you make the most of your space. If you choose furniture and accessories wisely, you'll end up with a wonderful space that's just right for your newborn.

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