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Save Money With Diaper Coupons

How to Locate Online Coupons, Sales, and Use Practical Frugal Tips


Updated August 09, 2010

Diaper Coupons

Diaper Coupons Save You Money


Ever wonder how many diapers a baby uses in the first year? The answer is - a lot. You're baby will receive just about 2,800 diaper changes during the first 12 months. That's a lot of diapers, and a very good reason to learn how to get a hold of diaper coupons and learn frugal diaper buying tips.

Locating Online Diaper Coupons through the Manufacturer's Websites

A good starting point is to check out manufacturer's websites. Often you can find access to printable diaper coupons right there. They often offer rewards programs as well. You do have to sign up for these programs and generally include your email and/or snail mail address. So while this may increase the junk mail cluttering your inbox and your recycling bin, it's a great way to get easy access to coupons and be updated on sales.

You may want to check out these manufacturer's websites. Look on their sites for links labeled something like "rewards," "promotions and offers," or "savings":

Using Twitter and Facebook to Find Diaper Sales, Sweepstakes, and Coupons

If you've got a Facebook or Twitter page, you can use these social networks to give you the skinny on finding the latest diaper deals. Consider following or friending these resources:

Diaper Twitters and Tweets

Diaper Facebook Fans

Coupon Swaps on Parenting Message Boards

Lots of parents have found comfort and friendship on parenting message boards. These communities are an awesome resource not only for parent-to-parent support but also for bargain shopping. You can often find other families who are willing and eager to be in a coupon swap. All you have to do is put a feeler out for the coupons for which you are looking and the coupons you have to offer. You'll soon find you have access to a great money-saving resource.

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