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Phenomenal Baby Documentary, "Babies"


Updated August 25, 2010

Baby Documentary

"Babies" a Touching Baby Documentary

Focus Films
Ever wonder what raising a baby is like in different parts of the world? A new baby documentary, Babies details in poignant cinematography just that. This film is sure to make you laugh and cry as you have the privelege of watching four little babies grow during their first year of life.

What the Babies Documentary Is About:

Babies takes a peak into the life of four different babies from around the world. Simultaneously the film details the lives of Ponijao of Namibia, Bayarjargal of Mongolia, Mari of Tokyo, and Hattie of San Francisco. Begining with each of their births and continuing all through the first year, it paints a mesmerizing picture of just how different (and yet how similar) these babies' lives are.

Who Directs the Baby Documentary:

Thomas Balmès, a director specializing in the non-fiction genre, has been acclaimed for his ability to direct documentaries with poignant detail. His previous work includes such films as The Gospel According to the Papuans, Waiting for Jesus, A Decent Factory, and Damages.

Which Production Company Funded the Film:

Babies is a Focus Features production. Focus Features is a motion picture production, financing, and worldwide distribution company. Part of NBC Universal, it was formed in May 2004 through the combining of NBC and Vivendi Universal Entertainment.

When Was Babies Be Released:

Babies was released in 2010.

Where Is the Trailer Available:

The official Babies trailer has been uploaded to YouTube by Focus Films and is available for preview. Fans may also follow documentary updates on Facebook.
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