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When To Introduce Solids, Baby Food Guidelines


Updated March 29, 2012

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Foods to Avoid
Foods to Avoid

Be Mindful of Foods to Avoid


Most of the foods listed on the previous pages can ideally be introduced as early as 6 months if that is what you are comfortable with. So is there a list of foods to avoid for the first year? Yes, indeed. Here are some foods to avoid during the first year. Be mindful that the following foods shouldn't be given until sometime after the first birthday:

  • Nutrition and digestion concerns: cow's milk (inferior to breastmilk and formula)
  • Sanitation concerns: undercooked eggs, honey, raw meats
  • Choking hazard concerns:whole blueberries/strawberries/grapes, dried fruits, raisins, popcorn, nut butters
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