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The Self Feeding Baby: What to Do to Encourage Independent Feeding

A Baby Toothbrush Makes a Great "Spoon"


Updated September 25, 2012

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The Toothbrush Baby: What to Do to Encourage Spoon Feeding

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Has it been a challenge to feed your baby? What to do when you can't get him to feed himself from a spoon? Here's a simple suggestion to encourage self feeding behaviors.

Use a Toothbrush Instead of a Spoon

It's a pretty common thing for a baby just beginning to use feeding utensils to overturn his spoon on the way to his mouth. How many times have you found that more food gets on his bib or caught in his lap instead of getting in to his pink-lipped mouth? One simple thing you can do is instead of offering his a spoon, offer him a baby toothbrush instead. Food gets caught up in the bristles without making (as much of) a mess as a spoon.

Another suggestion for the self-feeding baby: Try out the tommee tippee explora bibs.

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