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Child Care and Babysitting

Many parents are often overwhelmed when choosing child care and babysitting services for their baby. Here you'll find all sorts of tips and advices for choosing the right child care.

Help! Can You Find Me a Babysitter?
Find me a babysitter! Follow these tips to get the best childcare for your baby.

Babysitting Coops Offer Affordable Child Care
Looking for a way to get a night out without breaking the bank? Join a babysitting cooperative as a budget-friendly childcare option.

About Child Care
Child care options and advice.

Finding a Babysitter Video - How to Choose a Reliable Babysitter
This video clip discusses hot to finding a reliable babysitter. Learn some tips on how to choose a babysitter for your children, and you'll enjoy your kid-free evening with peace of mind.

Home Child Care: What is the Role of a Nanny?
What do nannies do in a home child care setting and how do they differ from a babysitter? Most nannies urge families to think of them as an extended member of the family and to recognize their credentials.

Choosing the Right Babysitter - Dad's Advice on Selecting Babysitter
Get a father's insights on how dad's can choose the best babysitter for their children.

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