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Stopping Breastfeeding Pain With Comfort Measures

Getting Relief for Sore Nipples Caused by Poor Latching


Updated June 28, 2014

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You find yourself in the rather uncomfortable position of having horribly sore nipples from breastfeeding your baby. It hurts badly and stopping breastfeeding pain is imperative. You've still got to feed your baby, so how do you make it through the temporary (though excruciating) pain?

Get Help With Latching and Positioning

First and foremost, pick up the phone and call a lactation consultant. More often than not, sore nipples are the result of a poor latch. Without correction it will only increase your pain and decrease your milk supply. A visit with a certified lactation consultant will help you correct the latch problem or possibly help you figure out another underlying cause.

So what happens when you have an appointment scheduled two days from today but you are in pain right now? Though these comfort measures won't correct the problem, they will dull your pain and allow you to hang on until you can get the help you need.

Stopping Breastfeeding Pain With Pain Management

  • You can take over-the-counter pain relievers, such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen.
  • Use breast compressions to allow your baby to get milk more quickly; reducing the time she is on the breast.
  • Try relaxation breathing techniques that you may have been taught during your prenatal birthing classes.
  • Apply an ice pack to the breast in order to temporarily numb the area.
  • Consider using over the counter soothing packs, such as Lansinoh Soothies (Compare Prices

Other common issues in the early weeks:

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