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Breastfeeding Classes for the Couple

Why Dads Should Attend Breastfeeding Classes


Updated November 28, 2012

breastfeeding classes for the couple

Unity Promotes Breastfeeding Success

Raphael Goetter
By making sure that the mother and those closest to her are properly educated about breastfeeding - on both it's benefits and it's challenges, she is more likely to be successful with breastfeeding her baby.

Why the Father or Partner Should Attend the Breastfeeding Class

Most hospitals offer breastfeeding classes to expectant couples. Though dads may initially feel more than a little awkward at the thought of attending a class such as this, it is important that he get over his gut reaction. His attendance helps set the stage for breastfeeding success. See also: The Expectant Father: Breastfeeding Support 101.

His presence is a way of showing his support and taking an interest in both his wife and his baby. This is especially important if she is surrounded by friends and family who are less than thrilled with the practice of breastfeeding. Dads can learn how to best advocate for their family and how to support the mother.

Fathers will also learn practical ways to help mother and baby and will learn how to feel emotionally connected during feedings.

There is a great deal of information to cover, and dads can provide a second pair of ears to listen to the words of wisdom from the breastfeeding counselor. He can help remind the mother of the suggestions offered and have better insight and greater understanding of the unique challenges the mother may face.

By attending breastfeeding classes together, the couple takes one of their first steps towards unity in parenting. As they share the experience, they grow in strength and stability. And that is something that just cannot be overlooked.

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