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Pump and Dump, Breastfeeding Term


Updated August 23, 2010

Pump and Dump Breastfeeding

Pump and Dump Breastfeeding Term


What's up with the rhyming term pump and dump? Breastfeeding mothers use this to describe expressing breastmilk and immediately throwing it away. When many mom's consider breastmilk to be liquid gold because of the time and effort required, why would they willingly do this?

Drinking Alcohol and Breastfeeding

Some moms choose to pump and dump after drinking alcohol. This practice is not necessary unless you arecconcerned that a missed feeding will affect your supply or if you are experiencing engorgement. It won't decrease your blood-alcohol level any faster. After a period of waiting, you can safely resume breastfeeding without expressing your milk.

Breastfeeding and Mother's Medications

Another occasion when pumping and dumping might be necessary is when you take certain medications. Certain medicines (though not all) can be transmitted to the baby through breastmilk and the effects may be harmful depending on the drug. Some doctors may be overly cautious in saying that it is necessary to pump and dump, so check with a certified lactation consultant who may have more information regarding that particular medication's effects on your baby.

Also Known As: Pumping and dumping
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