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Baby Bath and Waterplay

Bathtime Activities for Babies Who Sit Up


Updated July 26, 2010

Baby Bath

Baby Bath: Splish Splash

Chrissi Nerantzi

As your baby masters skills of the 6 to 9 month old, he'll be able to sit up on his own. When he does that, you can move from the baby bath tub to the big bathtub. This will be a fun time for him to splash in the water and play with you and his bath toys.

Hints for a Fun Baby Bath

Be prepared that you also might find yourself a wee bit soggy from this adventure, but your baby's giggles of delight will be well worth it.

  • Definitely check the bath water to make sure it's warm, but not too hot.
  • Gather all that you need for the bath and have it handy before you put your baby in the tub. Consider towels, washcloths, shampoo, baby wash, toys, etc. You never should leave the room, even for a second, when your baby is in the tub.
  • Ease your baby into the tub. Hold him securely and dangle his feet at the water's surface. Once he seems secure, lower him into the water in a seated position.
  • Gently show him how to pat the water to make ripples and tiny splashes. If he gets the hang of it on his own, allow him to explore the water independently.
  • To encourage language development focus on talking about body parts as you wash him. You can use the popular tune, "This is the way we wash our hands, wash our hands, wash our hands. This is the way we wash our hands so early in the morning." Substitute new body parts as you wash the area.
  • Nowadays, there are all sort of various bathtoys with which you can experiment. Be sure not to overwhelm your baby with choices, but instead focus on just a few. Something as simple as stacking cups would be enough to keep your baby content.
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