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Enjoy playing baby activities with your child with one of our many baby games and play ideas.

Activities and Games to Play With Babies
Looking for games to play with babies? We have a comprehensive list of baby activity and game ideas. Find some wonderful ways to play with your baby.

Teach Baby - Teach Baby About Opposites
Teach Baby - Teach Baby About Opposites

Baby Vision: Developing Visual Tracking Skills
Learn practical ways to develop baby vision with simple activities.

How Do I Learn to Use Infant Massage?
Infant massage is a wonderful way to soothe and bond with your baby.

Develop Your Baby's Face Recognition Skills
This simple activity that you can play with your baby will help develop face recognition skills.

Baby Games - Ideas for Baby Games
What are some of the most entertaining baby games that you and your baby enjoy? Share your ideas or use someone else's suggested activity.

Build Number Awareness With Stuffed Animal Peek-a-Boo
This simple activity builds early mathematical number awareness skills in babies. Use stuffed animals to play this infant game to reinforce quantity concepts.

Grasping Skill and Cognitive Ability Activities for Babies
Babies' ability to grasp and manipulate toys advances rapidly during the first year. Learn developmentally appropriate activities that will enhance their gripping skills and promote cognitive development.

Playing With Baby: Shadow Games
Playing with your baby can be made simple with these activities that use your baby's developing sense of light and shadows.

Baby Bath and Waterplay
Baby bath adventures can be a source of fun and delight for parent and child. Here are some tips on how to play with your baby while in the tub.

Baby Play: Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
Explore the world of baby play with this simple activity that only requires a mirror, a grown-up, and a baby!

Family Fun This Fall: Baby and Toddler Friendly Activities

Don't you just love autumn? The crisp air, the bright colors and the harvest of crops can provide many opportunites from family fun - even if your family includes a baby. So if your are looking for fall baby-friendly activities, here are 7 different things to do with your entire family.

Family Fun: Finding Fall Activities for the Whole Family
What family fun activities do you enjoy during the fall? Share your family's special moments and get some ideas for your family.See submissions

Play Baby Games - Ideas to Play Baby Games
Play Baby Games - Ideas to Play Baby Games

Baby Lullabies - Using Baby Lullabies as a Part of Bedtime Routines
Baby Lullabies - Using Baby Lullabies as a Part of Bedtime Routines

Tummy Time Basics: What, Why, When and How
Tummy time is critical to the physical development of babies. Find out what it is all about, why it is important, and how you can play with your baby.

Tummy Time Tips - How to Get Baby to Play on Her Belly
Tummy time is an important period of play for babies. Learn tips from other parents on how they got their baby to enjoy tummy time or share your own advice.

Tummy Time Toys
Trying to figure out how to get baby to enjoy tummy time? Check out these tummy time toys that can help keep your baby entertained during tummy time.

Best and Worst Books for Babies
If you are looking for great book titles to add to your baby or child's library, check out these baby book reviews by parents. Find out which children's books are a must-have for your bookshelves and which are a waste of money and space.

Best Bets for Baby Board Books
Everyone knows how important reading is to young children and that can start with your baby. Baby board books are an excellent way to begin reading with your children. Check out these top picks of books for babies.

Smart Trike 3-in-1 Tricycle Review
Detailed review of the Smart Trike tricycle. Information regarding a three in one tricycle intended for babies through toddlers.

Baby Bike Safety
Planning on taking your baby cycling with you? Find out the basics of baby bike trips, learn why finding baby helmets can be challenging, and other important bike safety tips.

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