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5 Ideas for Baby Names and Meanings Scrapbook Pages

Scrapbooking Your Baby's Name


Updated December 01, 2011

baby names and meanings

A baby names and meanings scrapbook page is a fun addition to an album of memories from your child's first year.


Names play a huge role in determining our first impressions of the people we meet, so a scrapbook layout about your child's name is an excellent addition to his baby album.

Baby Name Meanings

If you spent quite a bit of time checking out baby name meanings before choosing a name for your child, don't be afraid to include this information in your scrapbook. Make a scrapbook page that provides the meaning of the name you selected and your thoughts on how this applies to your baby. If you selected a name that is reflective of your cultural heritage, you can include some details on this as well.

You can easily make customized background paper for this baby name scrapbook page by repeating your child's name across a solid background using the font of your choice.

Old-Fashioned Baby Names

If your baby is named after a favorite relative, make a comparison page that includes hospital photos of both your baby and his namesake. Include their birth details for height, weight, and length as well as fun facts that showcase how family life has changed over the generations. For example, your baby may be an only child who lives in the city while the grandparent he was named after is one of seven siblings who grew up on a large farm.

Additionally, you may want to note the popularity of the name the year your child was born and include that information on your page.

Top 10 Baby Names that Didn't Make the Cut

Although some parents instantly agree on a name for their precious bundle of joy, others find the process of choosing a baby name to be much more difficult. Create a page with a list of some of the baby names you considered for your child while you were pregnant. Remember to include both boy and girl names and note if the name was a favorite of one particular parent.

You may also want to include information of how popular your baby's name was the year he was born. Additionally, you could include a list of the most popular baby names that year to compare.

A Baby Name Quiz

Writing a multiple choice quiz about the baby name selection process can be a fun way to add interesting journaling to your scrapbook album. Here are examples of some questions you could include:

  • Who first suggested the name you choose for your baby?
  • Why was this name a hit?
  • How did you decide on a spelling for the name?

Acrostic Poems

An acrostic poem is a poem in which the first letter of each line spells out a message. For example:

Ready to explore
Endlessly entertaining
Really loved

Make an acrostic poem with the letters of your baby's name, then accent the page with a row of small photos along the top or bottom of the layout. Add visual appeal to this baby scrapbook page by choosing colorful chipboard monograms or large decorative alphabet stickers for the first letter of each word in your poem.

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