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Turn Photos Into Coloring Pages for Unique New Sibling Gifts

Learn How to Make a Custom Coloring Book


Updated February 06, 2011

It is common for siblings to feel pushed aside when a new baby brother or sister arrives. An infant takes up so much of your time that you may be relying on your older child to be much more independent than what he is used to. New sibling gifts can be a way to help alleviate some of the tension during this time.

Sibling gift ideas don't need to be overly complicated. Custom coloring books can be a great gift for your new baby to give an older sibling, since he can enjoy coloring pictures with you while the baby is napping. Turning photos into simple coloring pages is easy using Adobe Photoshop Elements(Compare prices).

1. Choose an Image

turn photos into coloring pages
Dana Hinders

To begin making your custom coloring book, choose a photo to use as the basis for your coloring book page. Remember that simple coloring pages are the most effective. Ideally, you want a photo that features strong contrast and a definite subject. Avoid baby photos that are blurry or have cluttered backgrounds. Portraits and tightly framed snapshots work well when you want to turn pictures into coloring pages.

2. Remove the Background

turn pictures into coloring pages
Dana Hinders

The next step for how to make photos into coloring pages is to remove the excess background from your image. In Adobe Photoshop Elements, this can be done by using the "Quick Selection" tool that appears in the icon menu on the left hand side of your workspace.

3. Apply Photocopy Filter

photos into coloring pages
Dana Hinders

Go to the "Filter" menu. Select the "Sketch" option, then apply the "Photocopy" filter to your picture. Adjust the "Detail" and "Darkness" options until you are satisfied with the appearance of your coloring book art.

4. Add the Finishing Touches of Turning Photos Into Color Pages

custom coloring book
Dana Hinders

If needed, complete your custom coloring book by cleaning up any excess marks using the "Eraser" tool. Use the "Auto Contrast" option under the "Edit" menu to darken the outline of your coloring book art. For a bit of extra coloring book fun, use the "Text" tool to add a title in the font of your choice. Feel free to be creative with this special sibling gift.

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