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Photo Display Ideas for Baby Pictures

5 Fun Ways to Display Photos


Updated February 01, 2011

Creative photo display ideas can help you transform your favorite baby pictures into unique wall art for your home. If you’ve been busy snapping pictures of your baby since you brought her home from the hospital, why hide all those images in your scrapbook album? Frame your favorite pictures so they can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

1. Photo Wall Display

photo wall
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Photo walls are the large collections of framed pictures you often see hung in stairwells and featured in the pages of your favorite interior design magazines. When creating your photo wall display, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to have frames that match. Mismatched frames will work just fine for showcasing baby pictures. Purchase frames from your local discount store or thrift shop, then spray paint them all a coordinating color to create a unified look. White or black are classic choices, but you can also paint the frames gold or silver for a touch of sparkle. If you want your photo wall display to have a really dramatic look, consider painting the space beneath it an eye popping color such as eggplant or ruby red.

2. Photo Grid

photo grid
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A straight grid of photos gives your room a clean and contemporary look, but it can be hard to line up all your frames evenly. If you like the grid idea for a wall photo display, one alternative is to connect a series of identical frames into a single large shape by joining them with small mending plates purchased from your local hardware store. Just remember that you will need to have frames with fairly thick edges and use short screws to avoid accidentally drilling through the frame.

3. Baby Photo Display on Photo Ledges

photo ledge
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If you enjoy a rotating baby photo display, consider hanging a series of picture ledges on your wall. This makes it easy to change the arrangement of frames whenever you have new baby pictures to display. You can also use the shelves to showcase special memorabilia such as baby shoes or your child’s favorite stuffed animal.

4. Border Wall Photo Display

photo border
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Borders around the perimeter of your room are fun ways to display your favorite baby photos. Hang the photos about three quarters of the way up the wall with the tops of each picture frame connecting to form a straight line. If you want your border to have a splash of color, make your own photo mats using scrapbook paper that coordinates with the rest of your the room.

5. Family Tree Wall Photo Display

photo tree
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For a display that includes more than just baby photos, consider creating a family tree on your wall. Start with large 8x10 pictures at the base of the tree, then choose progressively smaller prints until you reach the top “branches” of the tree. Connect each frame by attaching ribbon to the back with double-sided tape or layering the frames over the top of a tree decal created from self adhesive vinyl. If you wish, use scrapbooking rub-on letters to add the names of each person to the glass on your frames.

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