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Fall Baby Photography Tips

How to Take Memorable Fall Portraits of Your Child


Updated September 27, 2012

fall baby photography

When the temperature starts to drop, head outside for a fun fall baby photography session.


Fall is a wonderful time for taking outdoor portraits of your baby. The changing of the leaves provides an excellent backdrop for adorable pictures of your little of bundle of joy. Dress your baby in her cutest new sweater, grab your camera, and head outside for a fun fall baby photography session.

Choosing a Time for Fall Baby Photography

When it comes to photography, timing is everything. You'll get the best pictures of your baby if you pick a time when she's well rested and has a full tummy. Tired and hungry children make for very poor photo subjects.

If possible, try to arrange your photo shoot to take place at the end of the day just before sunset. If your shadow is longer than you are, it's the ideal time for taking pictures of fall scenery and your baby. This is typically when the light is golden, which will help accentuate the rich reds and golds in the leaves on the trees.

Overcast days are often thought of as a poor choice for an autumn photography session, but this type of weather can sometimes create a nice subdued effect that you can't achieve in other circumstances. If your baby is happy and you've got the time to snap a few pictures, don't let the clouds stop you!

When taking outdoor fall photos of your baby, remember to avoid shooting into the sun. Shooting into the sun creates shadows, lens flare, and lowers the saturation of the rich autumn colors you're trying to capture. For the best possible autumn photos, keep the sun at your back or shield your camera lens.

Contrast and Fall Child Photography

Contrast is a key element in spectacular baby pictures and the rich colors of fall leaves give you an opportunity to play this up even more. Shoot your baby playing with golden leaves surrounded by a background of bright blue sky or snap a picture of her handling a single juicy red apple while lying on a bed of lush green grass.

Adjusting Your Camera Settings

Many new parents never bother to take their point-and-shoot camera out of the automatic mode, but learning how to use some of your camera's settings can drastically improve the quality of your autumn photos.

You will need to consult your owner's manual for specific details, but here are a few general tips for taking fall portraits:

  • Use a white balance setting such as "cloudy" to warm up the colors in your autumn photos.
  • Underexposure your shots slightly to give the colors a deeper saturation.
  • Some cameras have a "vivid" color mode that you can use for taking fall photos.

Moving Beyond a Single Portrait

During the first year of their lives, babies are growing and changing every day. These changes are often so subtle that we don't notice them as well as we should, however.

For a spectacular photo project, one of the most unique fall photography ideas is to try taking a picture of your baby in front of one of your backyard trees. Take the same shot from the same spot every day for one month. When you're finished, you'll have an amazing series of photos that showcases your baby's growth as well as the seasonal changes in the leaves of the tree.

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