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Black and White Photos for Baby Scrapbooks

Add Interest to Baby Pictures With Black and White Photography


Updated December 16, 2010

black and white photos

Black and white photos help camouflage imperfections in your baby pictures.

Dana Hinders

Color photography still remains the standard for most projects, but there are many excellent reasons to consider using black and white photos as part of your collection of baby pictures.

The Appeal of Black and White Photos

There are three main reasons to consider taking black and white photos as part of your baby photo shoot.

  • Camouflaging imperfections: Black and white photography is very forgiving of errors in exposure or lighting. It also has a way of making even the simplest of snapshots look surprisingly elegant. This can be quite helpful if sleep deprivation has affected your ability to take crisp photos of your baby.
  • Scrapbooking freedom: If you're a scrapbooker, black and white photos give you the freedom to use whatever patterned papers and embellishments you want on your baby scrapbook layouts. If you have a glittered paper with pink and purple butterflies, you can use it on the photo of your daughter wearing an orange and yellow t-shirt. If you're scrapbooking a picture of your son playing with his cousins where everyone is wearing a different colored shirt, a black and white picture lets you choose your favorite color to use as the basis for the baby scrapbook page.
  • Emphasizing selected images: Black and white photos can be used to draw attention to a certain photo within a collage of images, whether it's on a baby scrapbook layout or a large multi-photo frame hung on your living room wall. You can feature one large black and white photo surrounded by several smaller colored pictures or use one large colored photo surrounded by several smaller black and white pictures.

How to Convert Photos to Black and White

Many digital cameras have a setting that will allow you to take your baby pictures as black and white photos. This is certainly a very convenient option, but you might not always know which pictures will look best in black and white when you're busy trying to photograph a crawling or squirming baby. Fortunately, it's easy to use digital image editing software to convert your color pictures to black and white images.

In Adobe Photoshop Elements, the most commonly used photo editing program for scrapbookers and photography enthusiasts, you can convert baby photos to black and white by going to the "Image" menu and choosing the "Mode" option. Then, select "Grayscale" to remove the color from your photo. If you want greater control over the appearance of your photo, go to "Enhance" and select "Convert to Black and White" to open a box with menus that will allow you to select the type of photo you're using, adjust the contrast, and alter the intensity of selected hues within your baby picture.

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